Meat Overload at Uncle Cheffy Sky Ranch

One rainy night, me and the sexiest blogger group of the planet were so hungry and craving for meat. There was only one solution for that and that's Uncle Cheffy at Sky Ranch. It's a great place for those who just rode all the fun attractions at Sky Ranch. To my delight, their meaty dishes were more than enough to satisfy our cravings.


The lone addition to Uncle Cheffy's menu for its Tagaytay branch is the Bulalo. Of course, Tagaytay is known for Bulalo and Uncle Cheffy once again delivers on their version. It's a dish that's certainly perfect for the rainy weather.

All Meat BBQ (Medium - P328, Family - P628)

Uncle Cheffy's version of the meat lover's pizza is one you shouldn't possibly miss. This baby has beef teriyaki, chicken barbeque and pork barbeque. You're supposed to roll it up with the alfalfa but I'm not really a patient person so I ate it as it is. Needless to say, this was my favorite dish of the night. Cheesy and meaty just the way I like it.

All Meat BBQ (P820)

Wow, talk about about a gigantic platter! We were 5 people and we couldn't finish this beauty. The all meat bbq platter consisted of roasted chicken, marble potatoes, beef & pork ribs and lamb breast. I enjoyed everything too as the meat was well-cooked resulting to absolute tenderness. Don't forget to try their sauces too but you may need to ask which sauce goes to which meat.

The Team with Managers and Chef of Uncle Cheffy Sky Ranch

Lovely Jenny Salad (P230)

This salad is actually a recipe from the owner of Uncle Cheffy. I'm sure those who like creamy salmon on top of salad would love it. I'm sure I did.

Cheffy Cheesecake (P150)

Uncle Cheffy's version of Dark Chocolate Cheesecake is a must try. The cheesecake isn't named after the brand for nothing.

Panacotta with Ube Vichysoisse (P120)

At first, I thought this was the panacotta I was used to eating. To my surprise, there's actually ube underneath all that creamy top. That didn't mean I didn't like it though. On the contrary, I absolutely loved it. They even used a flame thrower to make sure the crust is flaming hot.

Uncle Cheffy 
Sky Ranch, Tagaytay

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