The Ups and Downs of Chateau Royale

It wasn't your normal weekend as my blogger group had our annual team building at Chateau Royale. They are known as the biggest resort in Batangas so that elevated our excitement for the trip. It's pretty accessible too since it's only a 2 and a half hour drive away from Manila. Was it good or was the place as big as its hype? There's only one way to find out as I re-implement my review format of giving the good bits an up and the bad bits a down. What are we waiting for? Let's up the downs!

When we got there, we were served lunch at The Floating Restaurant. It's a place where you can feed the fish but the ponds were too dirty. Some irresponsible guests were throwing trash instead of food to the poor fishes. Maybe maintenance ought to do something about that? As for the food, we had chopsuey, roasted pork and roasted chicken. The food was alright but what bothered me were the ants that quickly piled up to our table. The servers hardly did anything about it too so this gets a down.

After that, we put our stuff in our nice room located on the third floor of the resort's Skylight Hotel. By the way, parking isn't a problem at the resort as there are LOTS of parking spots all over the place. Back to the room we had, it's a nice room with cable TV, fridge, sofa, drawers and a comfy restroom. The rooms cost 12500 for 2 pax with the promo rate at 5218. For every additional person, there's an additional fee of 1100. I loved how clean the room was when we first entered and all the useful amenities so this one gets an up.

Afterward, we headed straight to the best attraction of the resort - the Wave Pool. The waves are scheduled to happen 5 to 6 times a day so keep an eye out for that. It's not possible to request for an earlier or later time slot though so remember the schedule. I loved the concept of the wave pool as I saw how fun other guests had with the waves. There were also a lot of fun pool toys perfect for the whole family. Up!

Below the wave pool is the most interesting part of the resort because there's an aviary there. We got to interact with some cool animals including peacocks, parrots, deers and an ostrich. It was too bad the peacocks weren't able to show their colors since it was rainy season but they surely will if you stay during summer. Since I'm an animal lover, any opportunity to get up and close with them is always a great time. Up!

One place you shouldn't miss when you're at the resort is the spa as it's more than just a spa. Other than massage rooms, it's also equipped with a jacuzzi, a gym and an indoor pool. Wow, talk about a spa that's a dream come true. We found ourselves staying here for several hours. One giant up for this one.

The next day, we had the breakfast buffet at The Orchid. It was a quaint fine-dining restaurant and the choices were good too. There were beef tapa, hotdog, omelet, pancakes, pancit canton. All of them were nice choices and I couldn't count the number of times I went back to the buffet table. Up!

For the adventurous type, there's the rock climbing activity. When we got there, it looked a bit scary since there weren't any rocks, just a bunch of holes. I think this is a seasonal activity and you'll need to call someone if you want to try it. That's not a good sign because what if someone wants to try it on the spot? He'll need to wait for that person to arrive? It's a shame how an awesome activity like this needs to get booked ahead of time. Down!

Last but not the least, we took on the awesome challenge of completing their obstacle course. It's so awesome that a resort in Batangas has their own obstacle course perfect for team building activities. Now I know why there were so many companies booked on the same weekend as us. This one certainly gets a giant up.

Ups -     Downs -  2

Overall, it's a HUGE resort with so many amenities. In fact, I think I forgot to mention some since there's so many of them. I guarantee one weekend won't be enough to enjoy all the things to do here. Not only is it ideal for company team buildings, it's also great for couples and families looking for a break from the city.

Chateau Royale
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