The First Sundays by Merry Moo at Corner Market

Sundays is an interesting concept by ice cream brand Merry Moo. Why Sundays? From owner Kelvin Ngo himself, the reason is "we wanted to reconnect with customers by giving them a more complete ice cream experience." They definitely achieved that. I remember buying ice cream from their stalls before and they took it to a whole new level with this one. Now, there's an option to add homemade toppings and opt for the ice cream to be placed on a craft cone. There's even soft-serve ice cream. I guarantee Merry Moo fans will be wowed by Sundays.


What's great about Merry Moo is they use fresh local dairy from Laguna to make their unique ice cream flavors. Good thing, they also showcase local flavors such as the flavor I chose which is Avocado. From the moment I tasted it, I loved it just like all of their flavors.

Black Sesame, Sea Salt Caramel, Avocado

What else can I say about Merry Moo? I plead guilty to being a frequent customer who buys their pints at local supermarkets. Their pints are actually more affordable compared to similar brands. Not only that, their ice cream tastes a lot better too.

Merry Moo
The Corner Market, The Podium

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