Authentic Viet Food at Ca Phe Saigon

After my trip to Vietnam last November, I've been looking for some Vietnamese cuisines everytime I crave for Vietanamese food. They're not only healthy, they're also very delicious. Good thing, I came across Ca Phe Saigon located at the corner of Corner Market (see what I did there?.

Fresh Rolls (P180)

It's not a Vietnamese meal without fresh spring rolls. Inside each one is fresh veggies and shrimp. It's the right appetizer to prepare you for their other food. Don't make the mistake of forgetting to dip it into their homemade peanut sauce too. It's a winner.

Pomelo Salad (P220)

Their best seller is the pomelo salad which is a VERY healthy meal with pomelo mixed with greens dipped in vinegar. The owner of Ca Phe Saigon actually showed us an innovative way of eating the salad. She just scooped some using chicharon. I tried it and wow did it make this dish 3x better.

Vietnamese Dry Nooedles with Fried Rolls (P130)

Out of all the dishes served, this one was my favorite. I can't believe I only got to try this now. Tip: Don't forget to mix it and pour some vinegar. I guarantee you won't notice how much you've eaten.

Basil Detox Juice (P100)

There were a lot of seeds on display at the booth of Ca Phe Saigon. Of course, that means they're the source of their own seeds for their food and drinks. There were a lot in this refreshing and healthy drink that I loved, the Basil Detox Juice. I will definitely come back just for this next time.

Banh Mi (P190)

I'm not that big of a fan of Banh Mi. However, their version consisting of homemade meatloaf, tender pork strips and lots of greens made me a huge fan. Of course, it only helped matters that they used toasted bread.

Lemongrass Chicken (P170)

For those who are used to eating rice meals, they have one too in the form of Lemongrass Chicken. From the first bite, I can sense the chicken was cooked nicely. It was also so flavorful that I was hooked from the beginning. Highly recommended!

Pandan Cake (P70)

What I liked about their Pandan Cake is that it has the right amount of sweetness in it. Yes, it's not that sweet which is always good for those who want to eat dessert but would like to minimize their sweets too. Despite that, it still tastes heavenly.

Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup (P260)

Perhaps, the Vietnamese dish that's the most popular of them all is Pho or Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup. I thought their version hit all the right notes and it's best when added with meatballs. Even better, it's perfect for the rainy weather.

In conclusion, I'll definitely drop by again when I'm in the Podium. It was a stuffing yet healthy dinner I won't soon forget.

Ca Phe Saigon
Corner Market, The Podium

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