Scott Burger Launches at Uptown Mall

The burger chain that started the buy-1-take-1 craze is back to introduce its nostalgic brand to a new generation. 

It all started in April 1985 when Mr. Gregory Ty – Uncle Greg to those close to him – opened the first outlet in Espana, Manila, bringing with him his years of experience in the US food industry. The business, which he named Scott Burger after his eldest son, gained a loyal following from budget-conscious customers who enjoyed the buy one, take one promo which they launched in 1991.       

Today, the same great taste of Uncle Gregory's Classic Recipe is enjoyed under different brand names -- Buena Bonita, Burger 18, Magic Burger and many more -- which, having grown throughout the country. Coming from the 80's and 90's influences, this once humble brand that can be seen in almost all LRT stations is now back and ready for its much needed upgrade.

The relaunch of Scott Burger is the brainchild of Greg’s nephew, Lloyd Peter Lee, who is also behind the successful Pedro n Coi concept that he started with his wife Architect and Beauty Queen Shamcey Supsup. The couple is reviving the Scott Burger brand, with its first branch located at Uptown Mall in BGC. This newest innovation brings with it the same elements that have made their modern Filipino restaurant a success -- good food served in a fun, approachable setting.   

Scott Burger is now re-branded to cater to the more complex taste of the new generation, with new burger choices that appeal to those looking to level up their dining experience. The new menu, which was developed with the help of celebrity chef Sharwin Tee, offers a selection of burgers that include the Original Scott Burger (Classic Wagyu Beef Patty melting in Miso Butter and served with the signature Scott Sauce), the TLC with its layers of Tomato, Lettuce, and Cheese, and the Cheesy Lover Burger (2-premium cheese mix, Miso Butter, and signature Scott Sauce). 

For something that is definitely different, they also have a China Town Burger that is slathered with a savory Hoisin sauce and apple juice combo then topped with Pork Floss, the Good Morning Burger (Beef Patty with Miso Butter and Egg Salad), and the Big Bang, the Korean-inspired burger that comes with housemade Kimchi slaw.

The buy-one-take-one promo has been updated to fit larger groups, as it now offers burger boxes with a Buy 6, Take 6 offer. Lloyd explains that this is one way that they have taken this business concept to the next level, where the fast-selling burgers go "cheaper by the box." 

Other innovations are the introduction of the Billy James Hot Wings to the menu, ranging from classic Original Rub and Hot Buffalo Wings to Cheesy Kaiju, Apple Hoisin, Tangy Lemon, Honey Soy variants, and the Carolyn Sexy Chips that come in dip choices of Sour Cream and Barbecue.    

Lloyd talks about what they are offering with their exciting old-but-new concept. “After pioneering the Pinoy Pop experience through Pedro N Coi and elevating the Quick Casual Segment with Tambayan ni Pedro, we will once again take you to a gastronomic journey back in time, reminiscing the colorful past with the memories of the brand that my family actually own.” 

He describes the restaurant as a place where friends and families can meet, without the worry of intimidating interiors or service personnel. It also has a personal connection: “The store is designed with a Train representing the LRT line 1 that I used to ride with my mom going to school or to visit my grandma, while enjoying a bag with two or even three orders of Scott Buy1 Take1 Hamburger. This humbling experience led us to create the concept and having a competent Architect wife, made things a lot easier and now a reality!”

The tagline that they are anchoring on is "Sa Scott Kayo'y Laging Sikat". Lloyd explains “This is a slogan that rhymes and even has a deeper meaning for us. The "Laging Sikat" part of the brand's slogan refers to the people who would bring their families and friends to Scott where they can enjoy the Classic Burgers and the new variety of flavors specially twisted to the taste of both millennials and the old-school folks who knows Scott Burger.” He adds with pride, “You will definitely be famous or "sikat" with your family because in Scott by PNC, while there is a good menu line up, the prices and savings will definitely be another value to consider.”

Scott Burger by PNC is located at the 3rd Level, Uptown Mall, BGC.

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