My Second Visit to Fat Daddy's Smokehouse

How was my 2nd visit to Fat Daddy's Smokehouse? I enjoyed it as much as the first. There's a good reason why this restaurant is always full during lunch and dinner. Their food is absolutely stupendous.

Crispy Fried Pickles (P185)

Their Crispy Fried Pickels is a hit or miss. Most of us thought it was good though especially because of the mustard dip that came with it.

Chef Pat's Ultimate Cheese Dip (P250)

I love cheese and there's nothing to dislike about their Ultimate Cheese Dip. Add that to the fact that it also has bacon. Dipping the pita bread into the dip is literally what dreams are made of.

Fresh, Fried and Smoked Platter (P1900)

For groups of 4 celebrating an occasion or doing a get-together, I recommend ordering the Fresh, Fried and Smoked Platter. It includes a pitcher of iced tea, 4 cups of rice, the salad, the mixed fried seafood platter and all that juicy meat. I guarantee that's more than enough for 4 hungry bellies.

Brisket Burrito Bites (P185)

It's cool how they also have wraps in the form of Brisket Burrito Bites. Dip each one into the homemade sauce and you have the makings of a wonderful dish.

Baked Mac n Cheese Poppers (P195)

After each bite of these fried balls, we were left pondering what was inside. Lo and behold, it's mac n cheese. I wish there was an option to order for a dozen rather than just half-dozen for those who love this genuine appetizer.

Triple Death Burger (P440)

I don't know why they called this the Triple Death Burger. Death was the last thing on my mind while I was eating it. In fact, it was the opposite as I thought I was in heaven. It may be a bit pricey but due to the amount of meat it has, I'd say it's pretty much worth it.

Pecan Pie (P250)

It sounds uncanny that my favourite dish for the entire lunch was Pecan Pie but it is. What a nutty (literally) experience that was. For added enjoyment, it was full of whipped cream too. I'm not ashamed to admit I was the one who finished it.

Caramel Drizzled Banana Pudding (P170)

To cap off the lunch, we had Caramel Drizzled Banana Pudding. I love banana cake so I enjoyed this a lot. It certainly helped that there's ice cream sprinkled with caramel on top. What a sweet ending to such an enjoyable lunch.

After all of that, there I was once again super full and looking forward to my 3rd, 4th and so on visit of Fat Daddy's Smokehouse.

Fat Daddy's Smokehouse
1F, UP Town Center

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