A Delectable Experience at The Fat Seed Cafe + Roastery

When I first found out about the Fat Seed Cafe + Roaster, I saw how instagram-worthy their dishes are. However, when I got to taste their dishes, I found out their dishes don't only look good, they also taste good. It's such a shame since I don't frequent the part of UP Town Center where they're located. But now, I certainly will.

Mushroom Fritters (P175)

A few years back, I was a big fan of a snack known as mushroom fries. Since then, I saw a bunch of restaurants come up with their own versions. I've got to say The Fat Seed's version is head and shoulders over the ones I have tasted. It's even loaded with parmesan and that's always a good thing.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Ube Waffle in Salted Egg Sauce (P325)

The Fat Seed put a different kind of twist into the highly popular Buttermilk Fried Chicken. Instead of the usual plain waffle at its side, they put ube waffle. Don't overlook the three small cups with it though which are pickled red onion, salted egg sauce and bacon infused maple syrup. Dip the chicken in any of those three and you'll be in cloud 9.

The Fat Seed Signature Porkchop (P395)

Meatlovers know that porkchop on itself is a tasty dish. However, the Fat Seed Signature Porkchop is simply in a league of its own. Creamy deli mustard sauce, home-made miso and sweet potato puree is added to this masterpiece. It will only be a matter of time before its added to your favorites.

Hotate Soy Cream Pasta (P385)

One of the best-sellers is the Hotate Soy Cream pasta. When I got to try it, I quickly found out why. It's a great mixture of some Japanese soy cream, scallops, ebiko, bonito flakes and nori shreds. Enjoy this one while it's still hot. It may not be as good when it gets cold.


We were lucky enough to be the first ones to try their new cocktails. The first one is the Rojito which is basically mojito with cachaka rum, mint, lime, sugar and a touch of cranberry juice. I'm a big fan of mint cocktails so this one gets a giant thumbs up from me. It's also perfect for the sunny weather we're currently experiencing.

Wagyu Pares (P305)

At first look, you'll think the Wagyu Pares is only for kids because it's presented in a silver lunchbox. The truth is it's also for people who want to relieve their childhood days. I also perceive wagyu cubes as comfort food. Turn it into a pare-style dish and this one has "gold" written all over it. What a treat!

Purple Haze

The 2nd cocktail is the Purple Haze which is johnny walker black label with lemon juice, egg white and a hint of blueberry. I have to admire their creative juices since they basically came up with the name a few minutes before we tried it. Despite that, it's a pretty catchy name. Don't overlook the taste though because what a joy it was.

To close the night, we sampled a couple of their caffeinated drinks. The place also has high-speed Internet and is a great hangout for kids studying at the nearby schools. Of course, adults who are looking for a place to catch up with friends would be wise to choose this place. It has one of the best interiors in the entire mall.

The Fat Seed Cafe + Roastery
1/F UP Town Center

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