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In my opinion, the beach you shouldn't miss when you're at El Nido is Nacpan Beach. It has clear water, white sand and lots of activities you can do. Plus, it's only a 40-minute tricycle ride from the city. 

For easy transfers, book at Northern Hope Tours. They can be reached via mobile at 09277353221 or via email at Our tricycle driver picked us up at our hotel at exactly 9 AM. He even told us we'll be the ones to decide what time we'll come back. To my surprise, he patiently waited for us. I applaud him for that kind gesture.

There's a big Nacpan logo that I couldn't help but get a selfie with it as the background. Also, the place is so wonderful that we ended up staying 6 hours there. It felt really good to walk along the shores of the beach. That made me forget about all the problems I had back home.

A lot of people I talked to at El Nido town say Nacpan Beach is the best beach in the island. Now, I believe them. Food and drinks aren't a problem too as there are many beachfront restaurants.

Among the activities that can be done here are skim boarding, snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding and of course picture taking with the astonishing background. Needless to say, you'll never be bored here.

I felt really sad when we had to leave Nacpan Beach on such a sunny day. I can't wait to book another trip here. Of course, it will be through Northern Hope Tours. Follow them on Instagram here.

Delightful Mediterranean Dishes at Cafe Athena

 Since it's our last dinner at El Nido, we wanted to eat great food. Admittedly, the lunch at the island hopping tours weren't up to par with my taste buds. Our search led us to Cafe Athena - a Mediterranean cafe named after the Goddess of Wisdom. The dinner we had there punctuated our long stay at Palawan with a very delicious meal.

Mediterranean Dips (P220)

For our starters, we had pita bread with pitipiti, hummus and babaganush. My favorite among the 3 dips was without a doubt the hummus. The babaganush shouldn't be missed too as it's very creamy.

Coconut Shake (P140)

I had so many smoothies during my stay in Palawan but the one that stood out is their Coconut Shake. It's delightful and refreshing in every sip.

Seafood Sauvlaki (P495)

The Seafood Sauvlaki had some nice tanigue in it. This dish would have been much better if there were other seafood in it like shrimp and squid. After all, it's named seafood sauvlaki and not tanigue sauvlaki. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the dish a lot.

Lamb Sauvlaki (P495)

I was highly anticipating the arrival of their Lamb Sauvlaki. When it arrived, I wasn't disappointed one bit as the meat was very tender. It was also very juicy which is exactly how I like my lamb.

Chicken Sauvlaki (P395)

Their best-seller among the three sauvlakis is Chicken. In fact, Jing (the owner) told us they would usually have 20kg of chicken delivered and it would all run out in one day. When I tried it, I wasn't surprised by that fact. It was so good that I ordered another one for myself.

Vitamin C (P200)

Since I had cough and colds, I was delighted to see the Vitamin C drink on their menu. The fresh juice contains carrot, orange and pineapple. On my first sip, I knew it was going to be one of my favorite drinks of all time.

Pasta Puttanesca (P495)

I was never a fan of red sauce pasta. However, that all changed when I tried Cafe Athena's Pasta Puttanesca. My compliments to the chef for this wonderful meal.

I highly recommend this place to all the locals and tourists visiting the wonderful island of El Nido, Palawan. 

Cafe Athena
Serena Street, El Nido

5-Star El Nido Accommodation at Sea Cocoon Hotel

One of the Philippines' top tourist spots is hands down, El Nido. In fact, some say it's the best. For you to completely enjoy your vacation there, it's important to pick a great place to stay. Look no further than Sea Cocoon hotel. It's a world-class hotel with excellent rooms and world-class service. Even better, it's just near the beach and other can't-miss places at El Nido.

We stayed at Room #403 which is a Triplet Room with 3 single beds for 3 adults. It already includes free WiFi, cable television, electronic room safe, filtered bathing water and of course, air conditioning. There's also free WiFi in designated areas. This room is well worth it at only P4800. It was one of those vacations when I was so comfortable where I was staying that I wouldn't mind staying there all day.

Since we were at the top floor, we always had a breathtaking view of the sea while at the individual balcony. It's no wonder how this hotel got lots of positive reviews at Trip Advisor.

They also offer island hopping tours so you can make the most out of your stay in El Nido. While at the reception, take a moment to read the 10 reasons to stay there. After staying there, I thought all 10 were proven to be true. In fact, I could think of even more reasons to stay at this wonderful hotel.

All rooms include free buffet breakfast. There's nothing like waking up to a great meal and that's exactly what we got. Since we stayed for 4 nights, we had breakfast four times in the hotel and I had nothing to complain about each time. I noticed they changed the food selections for each day which is great because you can ensure the food isn't recycled. 

On my last day there, I lounged by their amazing pool. Nothing like getting a tan while sharing travel stories with new friends. 

Looking to spend your next vacation at El Nido? Reserve a room at Sea Cocoon Hotel today.

Sea Cocoon Hotel
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