Try Classic American Comfort Food at Soul Potato

When people find out I'm a food blogger, they would always ask which cuisine is my favorite. I always take a few moments to think and tell them I prefer American. However, I don't get the chance to eat American food that much because of how pricey they usually are. It's a good thing a savior came along in the form of Soul Potato as they serve extremely affordable and delicious comfort food.

 Shepherd's Pie (P160)

I love pies and the Shepherd's Pie is a pie after my own heart.It has Aussie Beef in tomatoes and bell peppers with mashed potatoes, potato crisps and mozzarella on top. Wow, I wish I wasn't sharing this with anybody.

 Country Fried Pork in 'Shroom Gravy (P180)

I haven't tasted a lot of mushroom gravies and from the ones I tasted, Soul Potato's mushroom gravy has got to be up there. Of course, that's not overlooking the taste of the country fried pork because that was great too.

 Hickory BBQ Pork Steak (P180)

From the first bite, I knew right away the Hickory BBQ Pork Steak was cooked well-done. As a result, I loved every bite I took. Don't forget to dip it into the BBQ sauce too. What a winner!

 Baby Back Ribs (P260)

We were lucky to have first dibs on their Baby Back Ribs, a dish that's not schedule to come out on their menu until next week. Well, what can I say? It's going to be one significant addition to an already stacked menu. The meat is "fall off the bones" and the bbq sauce is magnificent. 

Crispy Chicken Cheese Melt (P180)

I love cheese and I absolutely LOVED the cheese on the Crispy Chicken Cheese Melt. It's also loaded with lots of tomato sauce and that's never a bad thing.

Grilled Chimichuri Tomahawk Chops (P230)

They saved the best for last as we had the Grilled Chimichuri Tomahawk Chops last. The meat is so tender that you won't have a hard time slicing it. Just as I expected, it was fried to perfection. I'll definitely come back for this.

For heart-warming comfort American food, visit Soul Potato.

Soul Potato
Devour Food Park, Quezon City

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