Yummy Longgoodness at Salongganisa Atbp

What's better than having longganisa for breakfast? It's having it for dinner. Enter Salongganisa Atbp, one of the best offerings at The Coast Food Park. What I love about them is that it's an enterprise ran by mostly women. Furthermore, the suppliers are partners from Babaenihan, a cause to help women in livelihood and jobs.

Minaisang Longganisa (P90)

As a lover of corn, I highly recommend you combine the Minaisang Longganisa with the longganisa party. Another way to enjoy this dish is to have it as pulutan while enjoying a drinking session with friends at the food park.

Hinilongganisa Sisig (P125)

The Hinilongganisa Sisig is a great twist to the classic Filipino dish. Whoever came up with this recipe deserves a pat on the back. I absolutely love the way this dish was cooked too.

Longganisa Party (P245)

You don't have to travel to Cebu or Lucban or even Tuguegarao to try their longganisa. The best longganisas from all over the Philippines are in this giant Longganisa Party platter. The best part is it also comes with 2 servings of garlic rice. 

But wait, there's more! Have you wondered where all these delicious supplies came from? They're from Rural Improvement Club of Cabanatuan, an all women association. Whenever you're buying from them, you're lending a helping hand to their club.

What else can I say? I'll definitely be back for more of this Longgoodness!

Salongganisa Atbp
The Coast Food Park

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