Improved Local Favorites at Mama Tess Sizzling Avenue

If Mama Lou's is the mother of Italian cuisine, Mama Tess has got to be the Mom of Filipino Cuisine. I never thought I'd see classic Filipino dishes like balut, kare kare and bulalo in a food park setting but they brought it at Devour. Did they do a good job? Here's what I thought:

 Sizzling Balut (P115)

When you have tourists ask you which local food they must try, you'll most likely say, "Balut" right? If that's the case, recommend this sizzling balut from Mama Tess. You'll forget about the many times you bought from Manong Balut. The only thing you'll complain about is there's only 4 of them.

 Kare Kare Sulit Meal (P210)

My favorite Filipino dish is by far Kare Kare so I was very happy when I found out they were serving it to us. Their version is without a doubt one of the best I have ever tasted. It's certainly a great fit to pair up with their meaty dishes such as the Sisig and the Bulalo. Speaking of the Bulalo...

 Classic Bulalo Sulit Meal (P210)

 Sizzling Bulalo for Sharing (P280)

We were served Bulalo in two ways: the classic way and the sizzling way. I loved both as the meat was very tender so compliments to the chef. Of course, there's nothing like the classic Bulalo as I can't stop sipping on the soup.

Sizzling Laing Sulit Meal (P170)

I have to be honest. I was never a fan of laing. Whenever I'm shown a menu and I'm looking at the vegetable options, laing is the last thing on my mind. However, that changed in a big way when I sampled the laing of Mama Tess. I admire her for coming up with a fantastic recipe for this great dish.

Words can't describe how much I've enjoyed the food at Mama Tess Sizzling Avenue. I really hope they'll get their own spot soon. They appear to be the next big thing in the competitive food industry.

Mama Tess Sizzling Avenue
Devour Food Park, Quezon City

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