Australian Christmas Party Tips


What do amazing food, jolly décor, awkward family gatherings and gifts have in common? Christmas, of course! It’s the most festive time of the year and for a lot of people – their favorite season. And we always imagine the scenes the same way: houses covered in snow, and people being cozy in front of a fireplace drinking hot cocoa. Well, not in Australia, where winters are hot, and everyone is looking for a way to cool off and spend the holidays in the pool. So, how do you prepare for an Australian Christmas party?


Just because the weather is hot, doesn’t mean you can’t have a traditional tree and all the ornaments in the world. In fact, a lot of people in Australia cover their homes and lawns in fake snow to have the full experience of the white Christmas. But while trying to stay traditional can be lovely, why not use the uniqueness of the situation to your advantage? Decorations like Santa Claus in a bikini, or his sleigh being pulled by kangaroos are a great twist on the holiday staples, and they will make you laugh every time you see them. Of course, you will want to hang stockings and, if you want, decorate with various religious symbols and figurines. Using fairy lights and electrical candles over real candles will create a beautiful mood without the extra heat. If you are too hot to wear Santa’s hat, you can opt for a red, white and green flower crown instead.


The holidays are when everyone has the green card to eat and drink whatever they want and have fun with their friends and family. There are many shops in Australia where you can buy drinks, like the liquor store in Alexandria. So, when planning a Christmas get-together, you should visit one of those first to get larger quantities of different drinks for all of your guests. The usuals, like mulled wine and eggnog are a must, but you can also make some interesting combinations like iced hot chocolate and a cold mulled wine cocktail. If you are throwing a party, make sure you have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks as well for any guests that don’t drink, and prepare lots of ice and fun Christmas cocktail toppers. You can even let your guests shake up their own favorite drinks and let your combined creativity create something amazing.


Roasted ham? Warm, hearty soup? Ditch the steaming table and opt for cold alternatives. Cold, carved ham, decorated with traditional pineapple and cherries will be a great centerpiece, but you can also take an alternate route and serve some amazing seafood salads on a tray of ice. Stunning cold gazpacho followed by prawn cocktails as an appetizer, a stunning lobster for the main course (perhaps wearing a Santa hat?), and just the best fresh fruit pavlova for dessert. There are so many Australian dishes that can be Chirtmassized, so just get creative and come up with a menu that caters to both the locale and the festivities. You can still serve the traditional dishes as well, but some of them might not hold up as well in the heat, and others might just be too filling for that weather. The upside to Christmas being in the middle of summer is that there is plenty of fresh produce that you can use to make amazing meals, so get creative and make Christmas trees out of kiwi, little Santas out of strawberries and other amazing fresh dishes.

The most important thing to remember is that this is the time to be reminded of what really matters and pay attention to important things in your life. Take a few days and travel across the country, visit your family, call up a friend you’ve been too busy to get in touch with and go visit a local charity to donate food, money or even your time. Let go of bad feelings and feel the warmth of Christmas in the air around you!

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