10 Must try foods in France

France's capital city is simply excellent for a romantic break or to take a cultural tour. However, one should not leave Paris without trying its haute cuisine and fine dining. After all, there is some of the best food to be enjoyed here. Try to experience foods that can be found in whatever location you are as you would not get that experience anywhere else in the world.  You might be trying some street food or dining in one of the luxury catered ski chalets in France. There are so many yummy things to eat in Paris that it is indeed impossible to savor them all. Read on to learn of the must-try foods in France.

1.      Duck confit
The confit method of cooking duck cooks the duck thighs in their own fat. Originally the method was devised to preserve fresh duck meat for future consumption. The meat is cooked until it is fork-tender and spectacularly moist. Few Parisian pride themselves in choosing the best producer, especially from the Southwest of France. The ducks are seared until the skin turns crisp and golden. Those heavenly garlicky potatoes sautéed in duck fat taste delicious, served as a side.

2.      Caramels
Caramels from Patrick Roger and Jacques Genin are simply amazing in texture. Those these little treats are rich and buttery in flavor. Your eyes are sure to light up with uncontrollable joy as you savor each morsel of caramel goodness. The legacy of salted butter caramel is so French! Today, it is available in different forms and used in cakes as well as caramel-based spreads.

3.      Cassoulet
It is impossible to resist those stewed white beans, pork confit, sausage crisp on top and succulent below.  A specialty of the French south-west, the mellow meatfulness appeals to all people. The dish is named so because of the traditional cooking vessel, the cassole, which is a deep earthenware pot with slanting sides. The towns of Toulouse, Carcassonne, and Castelnaudary are known as the traditional homeland of cassoulet.

4.      Baguette, Pain Au Chocolat, And Pastries
If you have not tasted a baguette or pastry in Paris, then you are certainly making a mistake. It is a must to try out those artisan boulangers and patisseries. Take advantage of those superior bread and baked goods and get your fair share of goodies daily. It is impossible to resist the delicious flaky pastry known as un pain au chocolat, which is a baked good made from a yeasty dough. Those delicious goodies can be enjoyed by both children and adults in the morning.

5.      Choucroute
Everything about Choucroute is excellent. The mighty dish with its fermented cabbage in a brass band dish brings forth atavistic roars of anticipation. The famous recipe is made with sausages and other salted meats and potatoes. There are many other examples of regional cuisine of France, which like cassoulet, carry an origin as a traditional and inexpensive dish. Today it is popular in recipes from contemporary chefs and restaurants and is available throughout France.

6.      Bouillabaisse
Bouillabaisse it the fishiest fish dish in the world and is a poor man's platter, like most French classics.  This is southern feistiness in the fish stew, with its broth as a soup, spicy rouille sauce and croutons. What makes a bouillabaisse different from other fish soups is the use of spices and Provençal herbs. The word ‘bouillabaisse’ actually is made from two words, to simmer and boil. Some of the best bouillabaisse restaurants in France are in Marseille.

7.      Raw-milk artisanal cheeses
The gastronomic hub of France, it is only in Paris that one can find amazing cheese shops. You can take a special cheesy Tour de France and taste your way through each region’s stars. Always favor raw-milk cheeses and the production of the artisanal cheese is a seasonal affair. It is seen that not all cheeses are made with raw milk. Many famous cheeses are almost vanished such as Tallance, Pastugal, Bleu de Termignon and Vacherin d’Abondance.

8.      Macarons
The delicate pastry made of two almond meringue shells with buttercream or ganache is simply heavenly. With Paris as its birthplace, macaroons come in different flavors and colors. Macarons have always been produced in those ancient Venetian monasteries. Moreover, Paris is renowned for its delicious macaroons, the mouthwatering French pastries. Make a trip to the legendary Ladurée to check out the best macarons!

9.      Potjevleesch
Potjevleesch is among the most distinctive and what makes it great as Northern France powered French industry, which is known for substantial dishes made of four white types of meat - veal, pork, chicken, and rabbit. Served with salads, gherkins, and chips, there is an abundance of meat here. Traditionally made in a ceramic dish, the meat is covered in water and vinegar, and cooked in a low heat on the oven.

1     Street-stand crêpes
Walking around Paris, you will come across plenty of stands selling crêpes everywhere. It is a must to try those genuinely native street foods that are indeed a lovely treat to indulge. Perfect as a light snack in the afternoon, get them made fresh and paper thin, right before you. Get ready for a pure and unadulterated crêpe experience. Eating a crepe just feels so Parisian, whether you use hands or eat them with a fork and knife. You will find plenty of stalls in Montparnasse neighborhood. Enjoy your crepe made fresh with freshly grated cheese or loaded with salad and meat or in a sweet flavor.

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