Cu Chi Bar - The Newest Hangout Place in Poblacion

New bars have been popping around the Poblacion area in Makati. However, none has been more interesting than this hip Vietnamese bar on top of Senor Pollo. It's a little hidden but once you find it, you'd wanna come back over and over again. The vibe is chill and the drinks are heavenly.

 Cu Chi Mule (P250)

Our first drink, the Cu Chi Mule combines 8-year Tanduay Rhum with Pineapple Juice. I can sense grenadine was added too. This one's a little sweet for my liking though.

 Cu Chi Cucumber Mojito (P220)

I love drinks with cucumber so it was no surprise how my favorite drink for the night was the Cu Chi Cucumber Mojito. There sure were a lot of mint in this drink and that's not a bad thing at all.

 Fresh Spring Rolls with Prawn (P195)

If you want eat healthy food to go back to being sober, I recommend you try their fresh spring rolls. The best part is it comes with fresh prawn.

 Chicken BBQ Skewer (P170)

 Beef BBQ Skewer (P180)

Both skewers were a little spicy so consider yourself warned. The only thing I have to complain about is I wish there were more sticks. Other than that, each bite is guaranteed to make you want more.

 Chocolate Martini (P220)

There may not be much dessert dishes here but you can always opt for the Chocolate Martini. From the looks of it, it looks like a rock, salt & cheese type of milk tea. However, the alcohol will kick in later so drink this early.

 Beef Noodle Soup (P220)

I find myself craving for beef noodle soup often so I was happy they serve this dish. It's served with lots of onions too and that's always a good thing. Now that it's rainy season, I highly recommend this well-cooked dish.

Braised Beef with Rice (P230)

Finally, we had the braised beef with rice. I was highly impressed with this dish as the meat was cooked tenderly. However, I also found it a little bit "soupy." I guess I was looking for more in terms of taste.

Cu Chi Bar
5767 Ebro Street, Poblacion

17 Dishes You Must Try at The Yard Streetfood Cinema

The long wait is over. The newest concept of the Yard is finally open. It's called the Yard Streetfood Cinema because there's a big outdoor movie theater. You're definitely going to be entertained while enjoying good food. The reason for the concept is because it's in Timog, a street that's near two giant TV networks. We got to try a lot of food and here are 17 dishes you shouldn't miss:

1. Iron Man from The Yard Quenchers

Would you believe their cocktails are named after The Avengers? We tried Tony Stark himself and it contains sprite, lime, margarita mix, mint and rum. Wait until you see what happens when you order the Incredible Hulk. I won't spoil it for you but it will surely be a smash (pun intended).

 2. Shamrock from Top Dawgs

This hotdog has a lot of flavor in it as its topped with pesto, pizza sauce, tomatoes and melted mozzarella. If you're not a fan of hotdogs, I guarantee Shamrock will make you one.

 3. Grilled Pork Belly from Pitmaster Grill

If you're craving for something grilled, The Pitmaster Grill has got you covered. When I tried the Grilled Pork Belly, I knew right away it was grilled to perfection. They're certainly a meat lover's dream come true.

 4. Lily Tacollins (Taco Pizza) from Pipa

Wow, can you believe the pizzas from Pipa are all named after Hollywood celebrities? You need to try Whiteney Houston (White Pizza), Egg Sheeran (Salted Egg Pizza) and Katy Peppery (Pepperoni Pizza). We got to try Lily Tacollins (Taco Pizza) and it's got everything that's usually in a taco. The thin crust is also crunchy just the way I like it.

 5. Butterfly Squid from Above Sea Level

It's hard to deny the popularity of Above Sea Level's Butterfly Squid. When I first saw them at Yard Underground, I swear I would always see a table with a huge butterfly squid in it every time I go there. I never got to sample it until now and I instantly became a fan. It comes with free java rice too.

6. Crazy Ramen Long (P140) from Crazy Sushi MNL

Perhaps the most unique dish in the entire food park is the Crazy Ramen Long from Crazy Sushi MNL. It's not like anything I've seen before as it's a huge foot long covered in crunchy noodles. It tickled my taste buds in ways I'd never imagined with every bite.

7. Choco Crunch from Churro Ice Cream

For those who love Churro, we've got good news as there's some here too. With every stall in the Yard, your eyes will just grow bigger as the awesome food choices keep on coming. There's more that meets the eye though. The Churro is on top of ice cream and there are lots of flavors to choose from. We got the choco crunch flavor and it was such a great treat.

8. Chocolate Chimney Twirl from Chimney Twirls

Perhaps the best way to end your meal at the Yard is to have of the Chimney Twirls. It's ice cream wrapped in freshly baked bread. We got the chocolate flavor and it oozes with chocolate syrup with lots of kit kats on top. Be sure to eat it before it melts though.

9. Beef Potato Balls from Hakuna Patata

Any stall that's all about Potatoes always gets me excited so I was happy there's Hakuna Patata. We got a very unique dish in the Beef Potato Balls. It's loaded with 3 nacho beef and cheese with garlic ranch injections. This one is freshly cooked so be careful when taking a bite because it's hot on the inside. It guarantees maximum satisfaction though.

10. Beef Tikka from Tikka Tikka Shawarma Burrito

Tikka Tikka is a one of a kind stall that offers Shawarma Burritos. They have three types in Chicken, Beef and Prawn. We had the Beef Tikka and I loved it. It's very affordable too as it's only P140 with a drink.

11. Smokey Wazowski from Stuff It

I'm always craving for burgers so I was happy when I saw Stuff It. We had the Smokey Wazowski (a clever tribute to the Monsters Inc. character). It was loaded with ingredients I love which was onion rings, bacon, mixed veggies, cheddar cheese and of course 100% burger patty. Seriously, what's not to like about this burger?

12. House Tyrell Special - Bunless Burger Patty from House of Griddle

You can tell the owners of House of Griddle are huge Game of Thrones fans due to the concept of their stall. I talked with one of the owners, JP and he revealed they named their stall, House of Griddle because their food is cooked on a griddle. They have an international cuisine type of stall and we got the House Tyrell Special which is a Bunless Burger Patty. What's more is JP told me they formulated their own BBQ sauce. I guess that's why this dish is so flavorful and yummy at the same time.

13. The Mouth Breather from Naughty Nachos

If you plan to drink at the Yard, I advise you to eat nachos too so you won't get drunk. The Mouth Breather from Naughty Nachos is perfect as it's loaded with jalapeno, bacon and lots of cheese. Since there were lots of cheese, that's always a plus. It's also good for 2 to 3 hungry peeps.

14. Bulalo Pasta from The God Pasta

My favorite out of all the dishes we tried? The Bulalo Pasta! It's yummy bulalo beef bits on top of creamy carbonara. There's seriously nothing to dislike about this dish. Major props to the God Pasta for coming up with it.

15. Sriracha Wings from Mac n' Chicks

I was expecting the Sriracha Wings from Mac n Chicks to be very spicy. I was surprised that it wasn't that spicy which is good news for me since I have low tolerance for spicy food. Their french fries is not too salty too as it combines well with their wings. I can't wait to try their other flavors when I come back.

16. Quarter Chicken from A Taste of Afrika by Onne

The old expression "maybe the chicken is still alive" after accidentally dropping food on the floor holds true in this dish as the quarter chicken from A Taste of Afrika is literally standing up. If you love spicy peri-peri chicken, dip it in their chili sauce. I guarantee you won't regret it.

17. Ribs Popcorn from Lord of the Ribs

While watching a movie there, you'll be craving for popcorn right? Say hello to the Ribs Popcorn of Lord of the Ribs. It's the perfect snack that mixes well with your late night movie marathon at the Yard.

I give my overall experience at The Yard Streetfood Cinema a two thumbs up. I've never been so full. Trust me when I say this: There are so many more dishes to try here. Bring along the entire squad there today.

The Yard Streetfood Cinema
Timog Avenue, Quezon City