The #teamaldouson4 Press Conference Recap

Police Sirens.

Crowd Gasps.

It can only mean one thing. The Sexiest Blogger Group on the Planet has arrived. In an undisclosed location, Team Aldous recently answered media requests by holding a press conference for their 4th anniversary party that's going to be held this Saturday at Wingman. For those who missed it, here's what went down:

Aldous: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great pleasure to introduce tonight's host.....................................ME! That's right! There's nobody better to host tonight's press conference than yours truly so if the members of the media are ready, fire away with your questions.

Reporter1: Uh, this is Lei from WZR FM. I'd like to ask Cohen a question.

Cohen: Yea?

Lei: Cohen, in your opinion what are the chances of your opponents for this Saturday's beer pong tournament?

Cohen: You know what, that's a nice question except that I completely forgot who our opponents are.

Lei: Well, they're...

Cohen: Am I asking you, darling? I'm asking my partner over here. Mish, who are our opponents?

Mish: Baaaabe, I don't know.

Cohen: Exactly! It doesn't matter who our opponents are. Bring on whoever's unlucky to be on the opposing side and we'll keep stacking them down like a bunch of dominoes.

Reporter2: I have a question for Joy.

Joy: That's Mrs. Sy to you.

Reporter2: I just want to ask if you'll be applying any feng shui to help your team's chances this Saturday?

Joy: Are you kidding me? Do you think we need luck?

Reporter3: Kristine here from Ch. 5. My question is for Ri.

Reann: Yeah, that's me.

Kristine:  Since you're not too fond of alcohol, are you worried at all for this weekend's main event?

Reann: You should be asking our opponents. In fact, I feel sorry for whoever will clean the toilet that night because all our opponents will end up vomiting there.

Aldous: Okay, you guys are in luck. We have time for one more question.

Reporter4: This is Ryan from WAZE FM. My question is for you, Captain.

Aldous: I'm sure you didn't get lost going here, Ryan. Now, what's your question?

Ryan: Due to the amount of experience you have, do you think you have this game in the bag?

Aldous: You know, if it's one thing I hate it's OLD AGE JOKES! Press conference adjourned!


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