Night Full of Greens at Salad Bowl

I never thought I'd see the day where I would eat too much greens. Thanks to Team Aldous' Smooth Saint, Louise, it happened at Salad Bowl. It was a night when the sexiest blogger group on the planet braved the strong rains for a healthy dinner we won't soon forget.

Smoked Fish Barrel (P199.5)

At first, we didn't know what was oozing out of the tomato. Finally, we found out it was none other than creamy smoked fish. Combined with lots of greens, it was a satisfying treat!

Sili Sticks (P150)

At first, I thought the sili was super spicy so I didn't have a bite. When I took a slice, I found out it wasn't that spicy after all. It's just right for those who want a little kick in their appetizer.

Chicken Inasal Wrap (P260)

The healthy treats kept on coming and the Chicken Inasal Wrap was one of the highlights of the night. It's one a classic Filipino dish served in a healthy way.

Truffle Bacon, Beef and Cheese Wrap (P390)

Wow, what a keeper this dish is. From the sound of the name alone, you'll already want to try it. Imagine truffle bacon, beef and cheese in one wrap. What a great idea! Let me give you a clue: It does not disappoint one bit. I'll definitely order this again.

Smoked Salmon Pasta (P295)

For our only carbs of the night, we got smoked salmon pasta. I loved the creamy sauce as it fit the salmon perfectly. 

Tarragon Mint & Lemon Grass Iced Tea (P225)

To quench our thirst, we were brought the Tarragon Mint & Lemon Grass Iced Tea. Did you know lemon grass is known for its many health benefits like treating stomach pain, achy joints and common cold? It's certainly a healthy drink that's also refreshing.

Barbeque Chicken Salad (P280)

I highly recommend the barbeque chicken salad not only for its magnificent barbeque sauce but for the fresh greens too. By the way, all their greens are delivered from their Cavite farm everyday so you're ensured of great taste.

Japanese Chicken Corn Sesame Salad (P350)

This one's a salad dish I'm definitely going to try again in the future even if I'm not much of a salad person. It's filled with kani, grilled chicken, corn and greens. It's a wonderful combination to say the least.

Chicken Arugula Pesto (P280)

When you hear the word "pesto", you'll think there's pasta. That's obviously not the case here but you do get pesto cream and that's the next best thing. It also contains greens, tomatoes and grilled chicken. What a healthy alternative to that pasta dish we've grown to love.

Grilled Beef Tomahawk (P4,000)

The Grilled Beef Tomahawk is not only my favorite dish of the night but it may be my favorite dish of all time. Composed of tasty beef grilled to perfection, potato wedges, bell pepper and a lot of greens, there's nothing to dislike about this dish.

Salad Bowl
Molito, Alabang

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