All Hail The Pitmaster

What started out as an "ihaw-ihaw" barbeque concept from cousins Chef Raffy Sunico and Ben Donato has grown into a smokehouse BBQ restaurant thanks to their dedication. Pitmaster's opened its doors last May 20, 2016 and is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, 11am to 12mn. We recently paid this restaurant a visit and it wasn't long before I became a fan.

Pit Caesar Salad (P240)

I never thought in my life I would say I like a salad dish but I love this one. It's their version of Caesar salad loaded with bacon. As they say, anything with bacon is great EVEN salad and this proves it.

Pulled Pork Roll (P200)

Chef Raffy sure was creative with his Pulled Pork Roll. However, I'm not a fan of serving pulled pork in a lumpiang shanghai style. I think it would be better to serve it separately.

Chicken Skin (P145)

The best appetizer has got to be their Chicken Skin. It's so crunchy and sooooo tasty. I also love the homemade sauce they used. You just have to try it.

Regular Flavored Beers (P95)

For those who's an alcoholic and sweet tooth too, you can try their flavored beers. We had toasted marshmallow, hazelnut, banana and brown sugar cinnamon. Believe it or not, I'm a fan of flavored beers because it tastes great unlike the beers we're used to.

Truffle & Smoked Bacon and Mushroom Pizzas (P370 each)

Even if pizza is not their main dish, I still loved it. Big kudos to the chef for these two flavors but I liked the Truffle pizza better. I'm definitely coming back for that one. That doesn't mean the Smoked Bacon and Mushroom pizza isn't something to try though. It's also great.

Pit Platter (P1500)

For the pit platter, we had the 7-hour smoked ribs, 15-hour smoked black angus beef brisket, smoked corriander chicken, pit smoked sausage and smoked bacon strips. What a feast this is. I could easily see myself coming back and finishing this entire platter myself. Okay, I may be a bit exaggerating because there's a lot in there so I really have to prepare myself for it.

You can also choose 4 side dishes and we had the plain fries, grilled corn cob, pepper rice and the chimichurri rice.  I loved all the slow cooked meat dishes. The way they cooked the meat really brought out its premium taste.

Angus Meatball Pasta (P180)

I like how they make their past into a circular shaped dish. It's so Instagram worthy that it's hard to ruin it. Of course, it had to be done and we were extremely satisfied with it especially the meatballs.


4 Cheese Mac & Cheese (P140)

Wow oh wow, did I love their 4 cheese mac & cheese. I love cheese and every time you have cheese mentioned twice in a dish name, you got me hooked. The only complaint I have is I thought the servings were too small but it's right for its price.

Overall, Pitmaster's Smokehouse is one of those restaurants I would definitely go back to. 

Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ
64 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig

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