Gastro Park: Infinity - The First Unli Food Park

Being a food park fanatic, I went to Gastro Park a couple of times last year. However, I decided to come back when I found out they had a spanking new concept. You guessed it. They're the nation's first unlimited food park and that means each food stall has an unlimited dish.

For those who haven't been to Taiwan, you're missing out because their street food is great. Fear not because Taipei Kita will bring that to you so you don't have to travel to Taiwan. For their unlimited dish, you can enjoy a bottomless serving of their Fried Tofu at only P120.

It's not a food park without a food truck and there's one in the Metro Meat Express. They have classic Filipino dishes with a gourmet modern twist. If you love bacon, you can have that all night at only P249. Their best-selling tanker longsilog is also unlimited for only P249. Don't miss this food truck!

Present in almost any food park and food court all over the country, Tokyo Tempura is known for its unlimited tempura. Tempura lovers like me will flock to this one.

The food stall that played the biggest role in the event is Tolyo's. They serve Filipino food with their own personal touch. Their unlimited dish is none other than the grilled liempo at only P249.

If it's one thing Ball Shack is full of, it's Balls! We've got all types of balls here as it makes you relieve your Asian street food fantasy. The most popular balls around the local streets is Fish Balls and it's their unlimited dish at only P138. I recommend dipping that into their sweet and sour sauce.

Two stalls that really got my attention are Brick Plate and Surfries. I'm loving the pizza choices at Brick Plate and they even serve unlipasta at only P250. If you love fries, Surfries serves different flavors including the Kaboom Bacon Cheese Fries and Pika Boo Nacho Fries. For their unlimited dish, it's the sweet corn fries at only P99.

For your dimsum cravings, you've got Dimsum 777 and Chixy 9 literally brings the wings. For only P249, you're getting an unlimited serving of buffalo wings in buffalo, soy garlic or parmesan flavor. For Dimsum 777, you're getting bottomless siomai rice at only P189.

The Masala Bar is the most unique food stall I've ever come across as it brings Indian food in a way you've never seen before. Their unlimited dish is the Chicken Tikka Wrap at only P249.

For your Japanese cravings, we've got Jap Box and to end the night on a sweet note, you have Sweet Nothing. The Gyoza and Tonkatsu rice meals is the unlimited dish for Jap Box and I'm not complaining about that. For Sweet Nothing, whatever is the juice for the day becomes bottomless at only P120.

To start off the night, we took part in the Carolina Reaper Challenge. All of us were given three BBQ sticks that contained the hottest chili on earth. It was not exactly the challenge I was expecting. It was hard to think of a strategy for this one. What I did was slowly nibble on them while waiting for someone to win. It was a fun experience to say the least.

I loved the mac n cheese balls I got from the Ball Shack. I never thought I'd see the day I'd see this dish. I'd honestly go back to the food park just for it.

Being the jap food fanatic that I am, I got Chicken Teriyaki rice meal and Sukiyaki from Jap Box. The quality was just what you were expecting from a food cart stall. I have nothing to complain about there.

The Chicken Tikki Quesadilla from the Masala Bar is a great snack. I love quesadillas so it was no secret how much I loved this one.


The Torched US Beef Cubes from Taipei Kita is so tender and juicy. It's just the way I love beef. We can learn something here and that's to never underestimate a small stall as they may serve you some wonderful food.

We also got some Salted Egg Tempura from Tokyo Tempura. I love tempura with any flavor so this one gets a thumbs up.

We got the Pulled Pork pizza from Brick Plate. They may be a little late for the pulled pork craze but as they say, it's better late than never. I love the barbeque sauce they used too.

We had some siomai rice at Dimsum 777 and the meat was so filling that I had to get another cup of rice. I recommend putting toyo and kalamansi on the siomai though.

Another pizza I got from Brick Plate is the 3 Cheese + Honey pizza. I love the combination but the honey keeps on dripping and spilling on my hand.

Perhaps the best part of them all is the grand finale - none other than the Matcha Shake from Sweet Nothings. It was a sweet treat from start to finish.

Next time you're in the Kapitolyo area and you don't know what to eat, you'll find many choices in Gastro Park that will satisfy your cravings. Watch out for their next branch too opening soon in Marikina.

Enjoy Modern Filipino Food at The Lake District

In the middle of the team building of the Team Aldous, we went out to dinner at a restaurant that's known for their posh interiors and delicious Filipino comfort food. They serve Filipino food we've all grown to love while adding their personal touch to it. I must say we braved the strong rains for this restaurant and it was worth it.

Lake District Sisig (P280)

I must say they took a classic Filipino dish and made it even better. I have to give mad props to Chef Marga Espino for not only this dish but all the dishes in the menu. It won't be long before she becomes a recognizable name in the culinary industry. 

Open Faced Empanada with Longganisa and Itlog na Maalat (P200)

Without a doubt my favorite dish of the night, this one had the makings of the next classic Filipino dish. It's also ideal for those who are weight watching as it's pretty light on the tummy.

Spicy Garlic Butter Seafood Platter (P380)

Despite being spicy, I still dove in this platter since I'm a seafood lover. Who could say no to shrimps and mussels right? I loved that it had garlic butter and it's not often that something makes seafood better but it did.

Porchetta with Lake District Liver Sauce (P400)

I love porchetta and I mean it when I say that. I'm going to think of the number of calories it contains but I'll forget that when I see it right before my eyes. This one's stuffed with herbs and spices and deep fried to perfection. Up to now, I can still feel its crunchiness and tastiness.

Adobo Glazed Pork Ribs with Pineapple Rum (P480)

When you have a restaurant whose ribs are slow cooked, you've gotta try them. The Lake District's ribs had adobo sauce and that's a HUGE factor. Pair it up with pineapple slices marinated in rum and cinnamon, corn on a cob with spiced honey compound butter and tomato salsa and you have a winner.

Classic Tagaytay Bulalo (P480)

Their Bulalo's meat is so tender as it was completely meat off the bones. It was presented nicely too. Of course, this goes perfectly with rice and we had lots of that.

Cream Coffee with Pineapple Marmalade 

You shouldn't leave Tagaytay until you've tried this gem. It's loaded with two things that Tagaytay is famous for - coffee and pineapple. I have to admit this dessert was the perfect sweet ending (pun intended) to our awesome dinner.

We'll be back, Lake District! Ciao!

The Lake District

Downtown & Halsted - More Than Just a Drinking Place

Dwntown & Halsted is a bar known for its impressive selection of cocktails and hard drinks. Little do art enthusiasts know they had a massive amount of artwork done on their walls too. The best part is they also have sumptuous food selections by Chef Marco Legasto. Check these out:

Eastside Elevation (P350)

We started off the night with their version of Gin mixed with Cucumber and Sugar. This drink is my type of cocktail. In fact, I had 4 of it that night. It was that good. Never mind the hangover I got the next morning.

Mushroom Soup (P250)

For starters, everyone got a sip of their mushroom soup. From the first taste, I could sense it was made from the freshest mushrooms in the land.

Lengua Skewers (P250)

Among the 3 skewers they served, my favorite was by far the Lengua Skewers. I may be a bit biased though since lengua is my favorite food of them all. Seeing it in skewers is like a dream come true. I applaud Chef Marco for this wonderful creation.

Chicken Skewers (P150)

Pork Skewers (P150)

Chicken Tikka Wraps

If you're in the mood for something healthy, their Chicken Tikka Wraps will satisfy your cravings. I loved the fact that it came with potato chips too.

Crispy Pork Knuckles (P580)

The perfect pulutan for a long night is their crispy pork knuckles. It's cooked just the way I like my crispy pata which is crunchy on the outside and tasty on the inside. I loved every bit of it and I find myself craving for it up to this day.

Chorizo Pasta (P385)

Their chorizo pasta is perfect to go along with their meat dishes. I'm not that big of a pasta lover but this one got me hooked in.

Baby Back Ribs (P580)

Their ribs is very tender. It also comes with mashed potatoes and an assortment of veggies. I just wish it was a half slab but it was just a quarter. :(

Seafood Pasta (P350)

Drenched in pesto carbonara is their seafood pasta. I loved the mix of seafood in this one as you have shrimps, clams, squid and a whole lot more.

Chocnut Cheesecake

Finally, the dessert was phenomenal. I mean who wouldn't like a chocnut and cheese combination, right? In fact, I thought it had some sort of magic in it. I took a tiny slice and when I ate that, the cake was gone!

Overall, I'll definitely be back here the next time I'm in BGC (which might now be often bc of D&H) and up for some drinks!

Downtown & Halsted
26 Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City

Mama Lou's Opens at Ayala Malls the 30th

If there's one thing I'll never get sick of, it's Mama Lou's. They have the finest Italian food in the land and excellent service. What more could you ask for? When they recently opened a new branch in Ayala Malls the 30th, we visited and were impressed as usual.

 Quattro Formaggi (P425)

The four cheese pizza may be an underrated selection among the pizza selections but it's still one of my favorites.That doesn't mean their other pizza selections aren't good. In fact, you should make it a point to try them all.

 Chicken Marsala (P390)

When I look at the chicken selections, I'd always be tempted to order the Chicken Marsala. Its sauce is extremely addicting.

 Risotto Tartufo Funghi (P325)

I'm a big fan of rissotto and this dish is full of creamy mushroom goodness. It's not only one of my favorite dishes of Mama Lou's but one of my favorite dishes period.

 Vesuvio (P495)

Their Vesuvio is what dreams are made of. Yes, it's seriously that good. It's hands down the best pasta dish I have ever tasted.

 Rosemary Lamb Rack (P695)

One of the dishes that I was eager to try was the Rosemary Lamb Rack. You have to use their cutting knife to cut the meat. The best part of it all is the meat is very tender and tasty too. 

Prawns Thermidor (P695)

Their prawns were very creamy and I'm not complaining. In fact, it's just the way I like my shrimps. The mashed potato and veggies were like the icing on the cake on this fabulous dish. I'd definitely order this dish again. It's worth every penny.

Mama Lou's
2nd Floor, Ayala Malls the 30th