The Station Stop #9 - Captain Marley and the Seafood Island

When you're on a seafood "when i see food i eat it" diet, you must check out the grub at Captain Marley. The Cap has a lot of fresh seafood and all of them are a great catch.

 Crispy Crablets (P189)

The Crispy Crablets go hand in hand with the vinegar. This dish is perfect to be paired with beer. There are a lot of pieces too so you'll have nothing to say about the serving. 

Large Butterfly Squid (P179)

The seafood concept is so awesome that they have this huge squid. This dish can actually be good for 2 to 3 people depending on your appetite. It's also wonderfully cooked so I got no complaints about it.

Fish and Chips (P189)

I liked the sauce they used in the fish and chips. You shouldn't forget to sprinkle it with lemon too as it's like the icing on the cake. As for the fish, it's crispy and tasty just the way I like it.

Captain Marley and the Seafood Island
The Station, Maginhawa

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