The Station Stop #7 - Ribb

When you're riding with other people on a train, it's normal to see other commuters laughing. It's pretty boring to be in a long ride so might as well play jokes. When someone takes the cap of his friend and throws it far away, he's ribbing him. Of course, we're talking about different ribs at Ribb. We're talking about Baby Back Ribs!

Sole Meal with 2 sides (P219)

You can choose to pair the rib with 2 sides that are normally carbs. Here, I decided to go with corn cob and mashed potato. The meat is very tender and I loved the barbeque sauce they used. I think it was their own recipe and that's very impressive.

Dynabites (P99)

One of the best pulutan in the food park is Ribb's Dynabites.It's a little spicy though so I decided to just have one bite. My other companions applauded it though.

The Station, Maginhawa

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