The Station Stop #11 - Wild Bird

If it's chicken you want, it's chicken you'll get at Wild Bird. Being a person who eats chicken everyday, I love the concept of this food stall.

XLarge Fried Chicken (P180)

What a big serving of fried chicken fillet this is! It also comes with plain rice plus your choice of sauce. We had the soy sauce and what a treat it was.

Herbed Chicken with Tumeric Rice (P160)

If you're looking for a flavorful type of chicken, I highly recommend the herbed chicken with tumeric rice. Despite all the food we've sampled that night, I still had room in my belly for this dish. I loved the sauce they use and the mixture of vegetables.

Wild Bird

The Station Stop #9 - Captain Marley and the Seafood Island

When you're on a seafood "when i see food i eat it" diet, you must check out the grub at Captain Marley. The Cap has a lot of fresh seafood and all of them are a great catch.

 Crispy Crablets (P189)

The Crispy Crablets go hand in hand with the vinegar. This dish is perfect to be paired with beer. There are a lot of pieces too so you'll have nothing to say about the serving. 

Large Butterfly Squid (P179)

The seafood concept is so awesome that they have this huge squid. This dish can actually be good for 2 to 3 people depending on your appetite. It's also wonderfully cooked so I got no complaints about it.

Fish and Chips (P189)

I liked the sauce they used in the fish and chips. You shouldn't forget to sprinkle it with lemon too as it's like the icing on the cake. As for the fish, it's crispy and tasty just the way I like it.

Captain Marley and the Seafood Island
The Station, Maginhawa

The Station Stop #12 - One Matcha

At the end of a long train ride, you're going to want something good at the end. You're definitely getting that at The Station with Matcha. If you've seen my Instagram posts, you know I love Matcha. This drinks stall is definitely something I've been looking forward to. I'm glad someone came up with this concept. I must go to that person and thank him a thousand times.

The Matcha Latte (P120) is very milky which is exactly the way I like it. The Choco Matcha (P135) is full of chocolatey goodness which is perfect for choco lovers. They have all sorts of Matcha creations here. I hear they now have Mango Matcha and that's something I can't wait to try.

One Matcha

The Station Stop #10 - Gochilla

While on a long train ride, you look outside and there's a giant reptile. He looks at you angrily and smashes the train into smithereens. Good thing you wake up and it's just a dream. You probably had a nightmare because you didn't let the old lady take your seat. Speaking of giant reptiles, enter Gochilla - a quaint Japanese food stall in the middle of the Station.

 1L Milo Gochilla (P150)

If there's one thing better than 1L Milo Dinosaur, it's Milo Dinosaur with Vanilla Ice Cream. We had that awesome drink and it's called Milo Gochilla. This drink is heaven for me being a milo and vanilla ice cream lover. I'm so happy you can have it in 1L.

Kampai Platter (P299)

Wow, this has got to be my favorite group meal of the food park. You have 8 Japanese BBQ Sticks at such an affordable price. If memory serves me right, we had quail egg wrapped in bacon, hotdog wrapped in bacon, chicken breast and chicken skin. I loved the sauce they used here too. My favorite has to be the chicken skin because it's crunchy and tasty but all of them are good.


The Station Stop #8 - Tickle Belly

In the middle of a long train ride, you're bound to crave for sweets. It's a good thing Tickle Belly has that covered. Their milkshakes, ice cream and shaved ice will satisfy your sweet tooth in more ways than one.

Cheeky Chocolate Hazelnut Milkshake (P139)

The Cheeky Chocolate Hazelnut Milkshake is a chocolatey person's dream come true. It's filled with a lot of things that it's hard to keep track of. One thing's for sure though, they're all chocolatey goodness.

Strawberry & Bubble Gum Shaved Ice (P120 each)

Both of their shaved ice drinks were kind of decent. It satisfied my thirst but I don't see anything special here as it's basically soda and ice cream. From my first taste, I recognized right away they used artificial flavors.

Tickle Belly
The Station, Maginhawa

The Station Stop #7 - Ribb

When you're riding with other people on a train, it's normal to see other commuters laughing. It's pretty boring to be in a long ride so might as well play jokes. When someone takes the cap of his friend and throws it far away, he's ribbing him. Of course, we're talking about different ribs at Ribb. We're talking about Baby Back Ribs!

Sole Meal with 2 sides (P219)

You can choose to pair the rib with 2 sides that are normally carbs. Here, I decided to go with corn cob and mashed potato. The meat is very tender and I loved the barbeque sauce they used. I think it was their own recipe and that's very impressive.

Dynabites (P99)

One of the best pulutan in the food park is Ribb's Dynabites.It's a little spicy though so I decided to just have one bite. My other companions applauded it though.

The Station, Maginhawa