The Station Stop #3 - Dee Bee Tin

When the doors opened for the third stop in this food train ride, you'd think we're in Carriedo station. It's like the rowdy scene of Binondo because of all the awesome Chinese food.  We're actually in Dee Bee Tin and we'd like to say 谢谢 for letting us try their two best-sellers.

 Pork Chop (P170)

The Pork Chop is crunchy and tasty which is exactly the way I like my pork chop. It's also huge which is always a plus.

Beef Noodle Soup (P155)

What's  not to like about the Beef Noodle Soup? The beef is tender, the noodles are flavorful and the soup is perfect for the cold weather these days.

Dee Bee Tin
The Station, Maginhawa

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