The Station Stop #1 - CMH Ilocos Empanada

The Station is the newest food park in Maginhawa. I reckon it's named that way because there's a big train head in the middle. Thanks to the lovely owners of CMH Ilocos Empanada, Adriel and Boon, we got to sample almost all of the food stalls there. It's like hopping on a food train and eating at every stop. Looking at my bottomless tummy, I'm not complaining.

Bagnet Pulutan (P150)

We started at CMH Ilocos Empanada like it was North Station. I can only imagine the Walking Dead-like lines during rush hour for the Bagnet Pulutan. It was cooked to perfection so every bite is like getting put in hog heaven. The "Bagnet Ngayon ka Lang?" flag is witty too. It's like a knock knock joke when a hungry guy tries to pick up girls at a bar.

We had a taste of their best-selling empanadas too. Who doesn't like empanada? It's like a healthy alternative to rice meals. It was hard to pick a favorite among the Adobo (P65), Chicken (P65), Pork (P65) and Bagnet (P65) flavors. All of them had papaya, monggo and egg inside aside from the meat. I recommend trying out all of them.

CMH Ilocos Empanada
The Station Maginhawa

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