It's All Good Food After All

After All Bar & Grill was started by a group of friends at a random drinking session. They were apparently discussing about coming up with a bar that's a meeting place for old friends. The mission was certainly achieved as the restaurant is all about good food, awesome ambiance and great music. There's a band that plays everyday at 830PM.

Banana Collada (P170)

Just like any bar, this bar & grill has original cocktails. The Banana Collada is my favorite by a huge margin. It has rhum but you can hardly taste that. It tastes more like banana shake and I'm not complaining.

Spanish Beef Caldereta (P330)

With so much meat served to us, I recommend ordering rice too. It would complement all the meat dishes nicely especially the Caldereta. Speaking of the Caldereta, I loved the fact that there were a lot of potatoes and carrots in it. The sauce is great too.

Bellisimo Buffalo Wings (P180)

I had a lot of buffalo wings and that can only mean one thing - It was good! The only thing that can be done to improve it is to make the wings bigger.

Crispy Pata

Their house specialty is the Crispy Pata. Believe it or not, it's the best Crispy Pata I have tasted for a really long time. It was cooked nicely so compliments to the chef for that. Remember to dip it to the sauce too.

Seafood Teppanyaki (P390)

I love teppanyaki and the combination of shrimp, squid and salmon is gold. This was one dish that pulled a magic trick because it was gone after a few minutes.

Saikoro Steak Skewers (P280)

The steak skewers are tender and juicy. This is actually my favorite dish of the night. I really wished we had more than two sticks.

Prawn Tempura Melange (P390)

Just when you thought everything is Filipino food, they also have tempura. Apparently, their menu dishes are inspired by the favorite food of the owners. I'm all up for a restaurant that serves the best in each cuisine. That makes this place a restaurant everyone would love.

Crunchy Pork Sisig (P280)

Their best-seller is the ultimate pinoy favorite, Pork Sisig. It has everything you can ask for in a Sisig which is crunchy, tasty and of course yummy.

Buko Melon Freeze (P150)

Honeydew Mojito (P170)

Calibre (P150)

We also had Honeydew Mojito, Buko Melon Freeze and Calibre. All these drinks are very different from one another. Each of them brings something grand to the table. If you're a fan of cocktails, I recommend trying all of them. 

If you're in the Makati area, I recommend trying this place out. Besides, it's good food and awesome music..........

............after all.


After All Bar & Grill
G/F SM Jazz Mall

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