My Birthday Bash at Solstice by Ilustrado

 Cucumber + Mint + Orange

I had my birthday dinner at Solstice by Ilustrado located at 8 Rockwell. Heavy rain poured down so while waiting for the other bloggers, I had Cucumber + Mint + Orange. It automatically became one of my favorite drinks of all time. Seriously, it was that good and I wish they have an unlimited option for it. The combination is something I couldn't refuse.

 Stuffed Chicken Ilustrado

Solstice by Ilustrado is a Filipino-Spanish cuisine that reinvented the menu of Ilustrado, one of the famed restaurants at popular tourist spot, Intramuros. There's a fine selection of cocktails and wines here too, making them the perfect hangout place after work. 

The Stuffed Chicken Ilustrado made me ask for the name of the chef and I found out her name is Bernice Pimentel. She appeared twice in Inquirer Lifestyle's Best Desserts book. We found out that not only is she a master of desserts but appetizers and main course dishes too. 

 Kapampangan Sisig

A Filipino restaurant isn't complete without the traditional sisig and theirs is absolutely crunchy and tasty. You wouldn't have to pour kamatis all over it to improve the taste because the taste is already top notch.

 Roast US Long Island Duck al orange

Who wouldn't want duck on his birthday? I certainly got my wish and their roast duck made this a memorable night. 

 Adobong Bagnet with Crab Fat

It's the first time I tasted Adobong Bagnet and it didn't disappoint one bit. In fact, I applaud chef Bernice for this wonderful recipe. I will certainly order this again when I come back. The meat is so tender and the sauce got me curious on its ingredients. 

 Shroom Pizza

 I heard a lot of good things about their pizza and the Shroom Pizza is something they could brag about. It had farm fresh mushrooms just the way I like it.

 Paella Ilustrado

Their specialty paella is filled with chorizo, bell peppers, eggs, green peas and shrimp. I have tasted a lot of paellas before and this one is definitely at the top of the list.

 Chorizo Pizza

The Chorizo Pizza looks and tastes like Pepperoni pizza but it is a lot better than that. I love how the cheese stands out. 

 Mango Jubilee with Sampaguita Ice Cream

 It was finally time for my favorite part in any meal, dessert. Since Chef Bernice has an outstanding background in making dessert dishes, I had high expectations and guess what? Their dessert dishes exceeded my expectations especially the Mango Jubilee.

 Matcha Cookies and Cream

I thought I've seen all the Matcha desserts there is but I guess I was wrong. Lo and behold, their matcha cookies and cream satisfied my Matcha cravings in more ways than one! For those who don't know me, I crave for Matcha everyday and I highly recommend this dish.

My birthday cake was none other than a slice of their Caramel Macchiato Cheesecake. It was actually my fourth birthday cake of the day and this one just made me have one slice after another.

Solstice by Ilustrado
G/F 8 Rockwell

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