The Best of Boracay Nightlife at Hobbit Tavern

One of the most historic restaurants at D'Mall, Boracay is Hobbit Tavern. It underwent a name change before but its wonderful concept of having little people serve delicious food remains the same. We were lucky enough to try the food here and I have to say we were enormously satisfied and I recommend going here especially during night time.There are acoustic performers that will serenade you during night time and they are all good singers.

I have to give compliments to the chef as both pasta dishes were wonderful. We also found out they don't use MSG for their pasta which is always a plus. Now I know why they have a lot of loyal customers.

When they said their best-seller is their house burger, I immediately believed them on my first bite. Don't forget to try the fries too as they were fried to perfection.

We got their rotisserie chicken and it was made just the way I like it. I have no complaints for this one as the mashed potato under it is like the icing on a cake. This is certainly best eaten with one of their pasta dishes.

I could not stop raving about their D & S Pork Ribs. I highly recommend that it is eaten with lots of rice too. The meat is so tender and the barbecue sauce is the type that will make you wonder how they came up with the recipe for that. 

Hobbit Tavern
Station 2, Boracay 

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