Soban Opens Newest Branch at Alabang Town Center

Attention South People! I got some good news. My favorite Korean restaurant Soban has opened a new branch at Alabang Town Center. You can now enjoy your favorite Korean food as they have a new branch you. 


We had the Premium BBQ Combo set and it is good enough for 3 to 4 people. We had so much meat in this set that it was really worth it for its price of P2200. It had premium marinated beef, pork belly and boneless fried chicken. Have I mentioned the sides are refillable?

For drinks, I almost finished an entire carafe of Seouljito. It was that good! It contained citrus and mind, a perfect refresher for today's hot weather.

We also had Korean Pancake. It looks and tastes like pizza. I recommend it for those who love Korean food and pizza.

Most of the food we had were food I already tasted at Soban Eastwood. Check out my review of that here. Once again, I give this branch of Soban two thumbs up. I can't wait for their next branch to open at Greenbelt 3 near the cinemas.

After I finished one carafe of Seouljito, we tried the Galaxy. This one is a frozen slushie and it is perfect for kids. I liked the Seouljito a lot better though.

Soban K-Town Grill
Alabang Town Center

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