Thai Basil - Fresh & Authentic Thai Food

When we arrived at Boracay, I was really looking forward to our Thai dinner at Thai Basil. I love Thai food and it is better when it is fresh and authentic. We also got to meet the chef and he looks to be someone who is a veteran in the kitchen.

 Shrimp Pad Thai

I love pad thai and Thai Basil's version had a huge serving that's good for 2 to 3 people.

Chicken Satay

My favorite Thai dish has got to be Chicken Satay and it was no secret how this one was our group's favorite too as it was the first dish that got emptied. It was cooked to perfection and the peanut sauce is a winner too.

 Tom Yum

The shrimp hot and sour soup had a LOT of shrimp. It was spicy so I did not have much of it. The other bloggers were really impressed with it though.

Khao Pad Sapparot

In order to compensate for the spicy dishes, we had fried rice with shrimp too.I'd take this dish over plain rice any day of the week.

 Som Tam Thai

We also had papaya salad and I'm not really a salad person but this one is a must try.

Gaeng Ked Wan

We loved their chicken curry and it was not that spicy which favored me. The curry sauce certainly got us curious.


Mango Sticky Rice

We were so full that we barely had any of the desserts. I had one Ta-Ko and I ended up getting another one after that. It was that good! The Mango Sticky Rice was alright since I'm not really a fan of sticky rice. 

If you are in Boracay and craving for some authentic Thai food, Thai Basil is the answer to your cravings.


Thai Basil
D'Mall, Station 2

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