Mocha Uson Joins Team Aldous

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The Sexiest Blogger Group on the Planet just got a little sexier with the addition of Mocha Uson. There needs to be no introduction for the MTRCB board member as her blog posts has recently caught the eye of the media.

"I am honored to be part of Team Aldous even though I know I have to keep my eyes on the Captain. His eyes may go in places you'd never imagine.", Mocha said in a press conference.

Mocha is expected to lead Team Aldous' summer edition merchandise which is expected to be a thong bikini (WHAT A SURPRISE). Last year's winter edition saw each member get their own hoodies.

The other members of the stable were also reached for comments.

"Ok yan, may yosi buddy na ko!" Genesis said.

"Mocha? Chix yan ah. Hehehehe." Manfred said.

"Girrrrrl, bakit parang hindi ako nagulat?" Obie asked.

Meanwhile, a Senator whose last name starts with "T" did not have nice comments regarding this news.

"Naku. Mukhang sumisipsip lang yan si Captain kay Du30." Senator T said.

UPDATE: The Captain has responded with the following message:


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