Smart Partners with The Yard Underground for Free 30 Minute Wifi Starting March 31

This Friday, Smart and PLDT will launch a 30 minute free WiFi for those who decide to dine at the Yard Underground. It is the latest food park concept from the same owners of the Yard Xavierville. This Friday, the launch will include a musical performance from local sensation Barbie Almalbis.

The Yard Underground contains many delicious food stalls including Rustic Box Steakhouse, Saigon Saidie, and a whole lot more. Head over there on March 31 for a dining experience you will never forget.

Seriously Yummy Vegetarian Food at Agico

I swear I will become a vegetarian one day. Okay, that probably won't be until I'm 80 years old or something. Until that day comes, I will enjoy my meat cravings as much as I can. I recently got a preview of the vegetarian life at Agico and it wasn't so bad.

Okonomiyaki (P280)

I love okonomiyaki and I think Agico's version tasted like tuna. I don't know what they put in it but we can be sure it is something healthy. We talked to the owner and she said all of their food contains original family recipes. They are a vegetarian family and I always admire people who take good care of their bodies.

Baked Lasagna (P268)

It is lasagna without the meat and lots of tomato sauce. I think it is what lasagna is supposed to be like. I am not really a fan of lasagna with too much meat so this one is a winner for me.

Beef Tapa

This vegetarian restaurant is a fusion cuisine type of restaurant which means you will get a healthier version of all the foods you love from different cuisines. We also got the famous tapsilog but the tapa is not the cow meat we are used to but a brilliant healthy version.

Butayaki Maki (P258)

I really admire their recipes like what they did for the buta in the butayaki maki. They made meat that was really similar to the real thing and it would be hard to know the difference. In fact, those who didn't know this dish is vegetarian won't be able to tell the difference. It is perfect to give those who want to eat healthy but are having a hard time getting their mind into it.

Tofu Steak (P230)

Tofu is one of the most common viands of vegetarian people so I was not surprised to see it here. I loved the veggies and mock steak that came with this serving. It really added a lot of flavor in the dish.

Gyoza (P158)

Their healthy version of gyoza was excellent. It was not deep fried as expected and the taste really resembles the gyoza we are all used to loving.

Bacon Mushroom Burger (P288)

The bacon mushroom burger of Agico certainly tastes different from the Wendy's version I am used to having. The deep fried french fries is also avoided as you will get a healthier version of that too. Their mock meat is something that will make you forget you are eating vegetarian food which is good because they are good for the body.

Agico Vegetarian Cafe
83 Araullo St.

Foodie’s Guide to Singapore

Foodie’s Guide to Singapore

Aside from the striking attractions and the rich heritage and culture, Singapore’s food culture is another trait that the country is proud of. Singaporeans, like Filipinos, are also into food and eating-out. This country is truly obsessed with food as they are known to eat 5 meals a day. If you are a foodie person, the Merlion City should be your next go-to adventure place. Besides, there are a lot of HDBs in Singapore which will aid and assist you in your stay there.

In Singapore, there are a number of food hives in which you can find the best Singapore’s street foods that you must try. Some of which are the following:

·         Little India
·         Singapore’s Chinatown
·         Kampong Glam
·         Changi Village Food Centre
·         East Coast Lagoon Food Village

Moreover, the finest Singaporean cuisines can also be found in the restaurants that are dispersed in the country, which are as follows:

·         Summer Pavilion
·         Fratini La Trattoria
·         Creperie Entre-Nous
·         Rhubarb
·         Colony

But what makes these ten (10) food dwellings stand out among the rest?

Little India
Known to be a vibrant culturally-infused town, Little India is a must try when in Singapore. It is packed with loads of eateries that entails Singaporean street foods. But what makes it prominent amongst others is because this is where you’ll find Chaat (a street savory vegetarian snack), Roti or Naan, Biryani, and Masala teh.

Singapore’s Chinatown
This is the Food Complex where you can get a seat and line of hawkers that will serve you. This is the also the place where you can find the famous Michelin Star Food Street, Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle, dumplings, beef, and liver.

Kampong Glam
When you are in search for various international dishes from Sri Lanka and Arab Nations, Kampong Glam will be your perfect spot. Loads of shawarma, curry, and veggies can be found here. You can also find roti and naan along the way. The best part in this place is majority of the food here are affordable!

Changi Village Food Centre
If you still cannot get over Singapore’s street food, you can also visit Changi Village Food Centre. This place is well-known for their satay or mutton, fish or pork, and oyster omelets!

East Coast Lagoon Food Village
The last food spot in the Singapore’s street food category is East Coast Lagoon Food Village. In here, you can find carrot cakes and different satays in an affordable price. Don’t forget to visit this place!

Summer Pavilion
Opting for a fine dining experience while in Singapore? Try banqueting at Summer Pavilion. Situated at Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore, the place serves the best Marinated Smoked Duck, Chinese Tea Leaves, Poached Lobster Rice, Sauteed Dong Xing Grouper Fillet, and Shredded Sweet Peas.

Fratini La Trattoria
Fratini La Trattoria is an Italian, vegetarian-friendly restaurant that is situated at Hillcrest Park in Singapore. The dining place is known to have the most accommodating staff and management in the city, since they always explain their menu and each dishes to their customers. Thus, this place is certainly a wanderer-friendly restaurant, especially if you are a first timer here.

Creperie Entre-Nous
Now if you are a certified sweet tooth individual, this place will surely be your favorite spot in Singapore. Known for their perfect crepes and best-seller galletes, Creperie Entre-Nous is a dining spot in which you can watch the world go by while devouring their mouth-watering desserts.

Going out for a romantic dinner in the city? Rhubarb offers their great service to make your dinner the extra quixotic that will surely be a notable one.

Colony caters to every people’s taste buds by providing a wide range of food choices from Singaporean, Chinese, and Western foodstuff. It is also a go-to place for a breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet.

Make sure you visit these 10 food havens when you visit Singapore. Happy eating!


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