Shizen Ramen - Definitely the Shiz!

3pcs. Gyoza (P80)

It was one of those rare times when I find myself going to Marikina just to try a restaurant. Luckily, the long travel to this town ended up being worth it as the Japanese food at Shizen Ramen is without a doubt the Shiz (no pun intended). 

We first tried the gyoza which is perfect to go along with your choice of ramen. It was not overly crunchy and despite being undermanned for that night, they did a good job. I would say that taste of the gyoza is up to par with today's top Japanese restaurants.

The Beast Ramen (P229)

We all had to pick a ramen for each of us and I chose The Beast Ramen. It contains beef strips, corn, chasyu and egg. I was surprised at how good it was and the best part of it is its price. It is a great steal at just P229. I tasted ramen at other Japanese restaurants that were not as good as this but they were double the price. They also had a big bowl for the ramen which allowed for a generous size.

I think with the right marketing strategies, they would get people lining up outside in no time. In fact, all of the bloggers with me that time were impressed at their ramen and they were already talking about coming back despite the location.

I hear the place is going to get major changes soon. With the great quality of their food, I am excited for their plans in the future.

Shizen Ramen
70 Bayan Bayanan Avenue
Marikina City

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