It's Goodies Galore at The Taters Cheetos Snack Fest

The Taters Cheetos Snack Fest is one foodie extravaganza we thought we would never see as well-known cinema-snack provider Taters and popular snack Cheetos merge for these wonderful new snack combinations. They are available only from January 25 to May 15 so hurry.

 Cheetos BBQ Crunch Dog

This Beef Hotdog looks like it has everything on it and it does with bbq sauce, coney island sauce, cheetos dressing, cheetos-flavored tater chips and cheetos crunchy. It is definitely for those who come to the movies with an empty stomach.

 Crunch N' Pop

Those who love popcorn and cheetos will get what they want in the Crunch N' Pop as it is a huge combination of both snacks we have grown to love.

 Crunchy Overload

Those who prefer crunchiness to their meals will get what they want in this snack with Cheetos flavored Tater chips and the classic Cheetos Crunchy.

 Cheetos Chik-A-Chips

The traditional chick-n-chips is mixed with loads of Cheetos crunchies and chips plus the cheesy cheetos dip that really got me hooked in. I can't really blame myself for wanting rice to go along with their cheesy chicken fingers though. The best thing to top it all would be any pepsi product.

Cheetos Fish N' Chips

The Fish N' Chips boasts of the same snacks as the Chick N' Chips except that the chicken is replaced by fish.  I have to comment that the fish fillets were fried to perfection.

Overall, all Cheetos items are a great addition to the menu of Taters. It gives you that cheesy feeling while enjoying a good movie.

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