Feel the Korean Fever at Sariwon

After enjoying our dinner at Soban, we were pleased to get invited to their sister restaurant Sariwon Korean Barbeque. The concept is pretty much the same but nobody is complaining about that. They also have outstanding service as one server was assigned to us and he did a good job throughout the night.

We had the Yangnyeom Galbisal (marinated rib fingers) Set good for 6 people. The side dishes here are actually unlimited which is such a good deal because all of them are good. We had 3 yangnyeom galbisal, 200g yooksue bulgogi, dak galbi, 2 japchaes, 1 doenjang chigae 2 dolsot bibimbap and 2 gyeranijim. I have to admit they were so many that I did not bother getting the English translation of the words anymore so I proceeded to my favorite part - eating!

I personally love the Japchae. It is one of the best Japchae I have ever tasted and believe me, I have tasted a lot.

The Dolsot Bibimbap is actually rice mixed with lots of veggies which is the way I like it. I loved the flavor of the rice too and you can have them mix it if you don't want to move a muscle which was exactly my case.

The chicken wings were surprisingly not spicy and that worked for my favor. They were also boneless and that's always a plus. 

The moment I was waiting for was for finally arrived as it was time to grill the marinated rib fingers. As expected, they were very tender as we experienced delight in every bite. This is one set I would certainly recommend to my friends.

We had the Sikhye for dessert and it was like almond iced tea with rice crisps. It was definitely something that should take the taste of oil out of your mouth.

The grand finale was the Sizzling Apple Graham which reminded me a lot of s'mores. With the ice cream, graham crackers, apple bits and nutella on this sizzling plate, it became dish we would not forget for a long time. To tell the truth, I didn't expect a dessert as good as this coming from a Korean restaurant.

Bonifacio High Street

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