Experience Verdict 9: Riptide on March 4


For the fourth straight year, Aldous ate the World is a proud media partner of Verdict 9: Riptide happening on March 4 at the Palace Pool Club. This event will be have attendees composed of law students and med students, as well as non-law and non-med students which means it is open to everyone so bring the entire gang for a really fun night.

The project is spearheaded by Ateneo Law School's longest running sorority, the Regina Iustitiae Sorority (Sorore Lex Atheneum). The sorority takes pride in advocating women empowerment and independence, seeking to represent females in the admittedly male-dominated legal profession. This year, the sorority celebrates its 12th anniversary, a milestone that must be commemorated in the best way possible. Hence, they have prepared a series of events which is intended to encapsulate and celebrate just what being Regina is all about: integrity, hard work, and sisterhood. The biggest and most anticipated of which is the sorority’s Law-Med party entitled VERDICT 9: Riptide.

The best part about it all is that tickets for the event costs only P500. That already includes free-flowing drinks until 12 midnight at Palace Pool Club and free crossover to Revel all night. It also includes a chance to win raffle prizes from our sponsors like iFlix, MyLegalWhiz and Mac Cosmetics. Finally, treasure the memory with our free photobooth from Ifotou Booth. Don't forget that we will also have surprises so come early as the event starts at 8PM. For ticket inquiries, contact Ina at 09399207043 or any Regina Iustitiae Sorority member.

Feel the Korean Fever at Sariwon

After enjoying our dinner at Soban, we were pleased to get invited to their sister restaurant Sariwon Korean Barbeque. The concept is pretty much the same but nobody is complaining about that. They also have outstanding service as one server was assigned to us and he did a good job throughout the night.

We had the Yangnyeom Galbisal (marinated rib fingers) Set good for 6 people. The side dishes here are actually unlimited which is such a good deal because all of them are good. We had 3 yangnyeom galbisal, 200g yooksue bulgogi, dak galbi, 2 japchaes, 1 doenjang chigae 2 dolsot bibimbap and 2 gyeranijim. I have to admit they were so many that I did not bother getting the English translation of the words anymore so I proceeded to my favorite part - eating!

I personally love the Japchae. It is one of the best Japchae I have ever tasted and believe me, I have tasted a lot.

The Dolsot Bibimbap is actually rice mixed with lots of veggies which is the way I like it. I loved the flavor of the rice too and you can have them mix it if you don't want to move a muscle which was exactly my case.

The chicken wings were surprisingly not spicy and that worked for my favor. They were also boneless and that's always a plus. 

The moment I was waiting for was for finally arrived as it was time to grill the marinated rib fingers. As expected, they were very tender as we experienced delight in every bite. This is one set I would certainly recommend to my friends.

We had the Sikhye for dessert and it was like almond iced tea with rice crisps. It was definitely something that should take the taste of oil out of your mouth.

The grand finale was the Sizzling Apple Graham which reminded me a lot of s'mores. With the ice cream, graham crackers, apple bits and nutella on this sizzling plate, it became dish we would not forget for a long time. To tell the truth, I didn't expect a dessert as good as this coming from a Korean restaurant.

Bonifacio High Street

One Awesome Staycation at KL Tower Serviced Residences

It was not a normal weekend as me and three other members of the sexiest blogger group on the planet did a staycation at the KL Tower Serviced Residences for one night. They have a variety of rooms to choose from and we were lucky enough to get the One Bedroom Premier which is 75 sqm. For one night, its rate is P11,000 which is a good price because it is in the heart of Legaspi Village, Makati where numerous retail and dining options are located.

KL Tower opened in February of 2014. It is owned by the family of Kalak-Ledesma which is why it is named KL Tower Serviced Residences. Their clients is more of people who work in the central business district of the country. The room choices range from Studio Deluxe to Two Bedroom Penthouse. The guests range from people who stay overnight to those who live for several months.

When we first checked out the room, we were very impressed by the neatness as the housekeeping team did a good job of cleaning the room. The room rate also includes breakfast for two at their restaurant at the ground floor. If you happen to stay on the weekend like we did then there is also Legaspi Sunday Market every Sunday morning. 

They have a comfortable bed good for two in our room and they also provide extra bed for those who need it. Since we were located at the 19th floor, sleeping wasn't a problem and the view was great from the balcony too.

The toilet amenities in the comfort room were impressive as were provided with all the necessary toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, soap, comb, etc.

For those who like to manually cook their food, they have a microwave oven, cooktop and crockery in their kitchen and dining area. It is too bad we weren't able to use these amenities as we had dinner before checking in and breakfast the next day too but they are a very useful addition to the room.

To my surprise, they also had a washing machine and dryer. If you have a lot of unwashed clothes at home then bring them all if you are planning to stay here for just a few nights. These two amenities will certainly come in handy.

The sofa in the living room is comfy to relax at. In fact, it is where I slept. They also have Cable TV, Safety Deposit Box and high speed Wi-Fi Internet Access. Their dining table is completely set-up too complete with complimentary bottled water that you can put in the mini fridge if you want it cold. The fridge is full of drinks that you can consume at an additional charge.


When I first entered the gym, well lets just say I had to cover my nose. That wasn't the fault of the staff though but I suggest improving the ventilation system here since it is a closed gym with aircon. It did have a lot of equipment including treadmill, free weights and yoga mats.

Swimming Pool

Their swimming pool is spacious and clean too. Once again, I applaud the staff for making sure the pool is clean everyday. It is definitely ideal for those who like to do laps.


For those who like to relax, feel the heat at their sauna. Take not that it is not that big as it is ideal for one big family.

KL Serviced Residences is managed by HII or Hospitality Innovators Inc. It is a company that manages properties like hotels, serviced residences and condormitels. HII usually gets the chance to showcase the numerous properties they own thru travel expos. Now, they manage 11 properties including Harvest Hotel, Y2 Residence Hotel and Crown Tower.

KL Serviced Residences
117 Gamboa St., Legasbi Village
Makati City

It's Goodies Galore at The Taters Cheetos Snack Fest

The Taters Cheetos Snack Fest is one foodie extravaganza we thought we would never see as well-known cinema-snack provider Taters and popular snack Cheetos merge for these wonderful new snack combinations. They are available only from January 25 to May 15 so hurry.

 Cheetos BBQ Crunch Dog

This Beef Hotdog looks like it has everything on it and it does with bbq sauce, coney island sauce, cheetos dressing, cheetos-flavored tater chips and cheetos crunchy. It is definitely for those who come to the movies with an empty stomach.

 Crunch N' Pop

Those who love popcorn and cheetos will get what they want in the Crunch N' Pop as it is a huge combination of both snacks we have grown to love.

 Crunchy Overload

Those who prefer crunchiness to their meals will get what they want in this snack with Cheetos flavored Tater chips and the classic Cheetos Crunchy.

 Cheetos Chik-A-Chips

The traditional chick-n-chips is mixed with loads of Cheetos crunchies and chips plus the cheesy cheetos dip that really got me hooked in. I can't really blame myself for wanting rice to go along with their cheesy chicken fingers though. The best thing to top it all would be any pepsi product.

Cheetos Fish N' Chips

The Fish N' Chips boasts of the same snacks as the Chick N' Chips except that the chicken is replaced by fish.  I have to comment that the fish fillets were fried to perfection.

Overall, all Cheetos items are a great addition to the menu of Taters. It gives you that cheesy feeling while enjoying a good movie.

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Shizen Ramen - Definitely the Shiz!

3pcs. Gyoza (P80)

It was one of those rare times when I find myself going to Marikina just to try a restaurant. Luckily, the long travel to this town ended up being worth it as the Japanese food at Shizen Ramen is without a doubt the Shiz (no pun intended). 

We first tried the gyoza which is perfect to go along with your choice of ramen. It was not overly crunchy and despite being undermanned for that night, they did a good job. I would say that taste of the gyoza is up to par with today's top Japanese restaurants.

The Beast Ramen (P229)

We all had to pick a ramen for each of us and I chose The Beast Ramen. It contains beef strips, corn, chasyu and egg. I was surprised at how good it was and the best part of it is its price. It is a great steal at just P229. I tasted ramen at other Japanese restaurants that were not as good as this but they were double the price. They also had a big bowl for the ramen which allowed for a generous size.

I think with the right marketing strategies, they would get people lining up outside in no time. In fact, all of the bloggers with me that time were impressed at their ramen and they were already talking about coming back despite the location.

I hear the place is going to get major changes soon. With the great quality of their food, I am excited for their plans in the future.

Shizen Ramen
70 Bayan Bayanan Avenue
Marikina City

Shake The Good Vibes at Shakeaway

In a place that has milkshake written all over it, I was surprised to see the enormous number of milkshake choices Shakeaway has. It turns out their original store was put up in the UK so we must be lucky to have the world's largest milkshake bar right here in UP Town Center.

Max ( R - 250, L - 310)

To start the night off, we got samples of Max and it is VERY far from the fried chicken we are all used to. Its got chocolatey goodness with chocolate fudge brownie & chocolate filled mint candy with milk chocolate chips on top. It is a sweet treat that chocolate lovers would love. I'm actually not a chocolate lover but I still loved it as each ingredient played a part to its extraordinary taste.

Jose (R -250, L - 310)

In a Filipino tradition, this milkshake has all the local flavors we have all grown to love. It has ube & macapuno with pinipig on top. Its taste is definitely far from what Manong Sorbetes would serve as it is in a league of its own.

Izzie (R - 250, L - 350)

For those who are watching their weight, they have frozen yoghurt desserts too. Izzie is the rightful name for this yoghurt that has banana & strawberries with granola. Why? Uhm, just dig in and you will find out for yourself. Fruits and yoghurt together have never tasted this good.

Hot Chocolate Milkshake

Believe it or not, they also have hot milkshakes. Check out the premium chocolates on this baby. I highly recommend their hot chocolate milkshakes to start the day off while having breakfast.

Sprite Shake

I never thought Sprite would become such a good soda for a milkshake version but it did. It is one milkshake that would make you forget all about your diet.

But wait, there's a LOT more!

Head over to Shakeaway now and stare in awe at their HUGE selection of milkshakes like the millionaire's milkshake and wicked wendy.

Shakeaway Milkshake Bar
First Floor, UP Town Center