Saigon Sadie - Vitenamese Awesomeness Galore

At The Yard Underground, there are several food stalls so it would be hard to choose which among them you would eat at, right? Behold Saigon Sadie, the place that oozes of Vietnamese awesomeness. I'm a big fan of Vietnamese food so curiousity really got me as to whether or not they stand out in the newest food park in town.

Threesome Combo (P220)

Their threesome combo has such a nice, well, combo of Vietnamese favorites. We had the Gigi Goodnight which is Chia Gio fried spring rolls with rice combined with pork skewer and fresh roll. They even have a "secret" sauce that I am sure foodies will love. This type of sauce actually goes well when it is used on any of the three foods in the meal. What a treat!

Busty Bambi (P150)

We also had the Busty Bambi which is Savory Chicken Bahn Mi sandwich. I loved the veggies put in this sandwich as it gave it an exquisite taste. I found out the secret sauce on the veggies works great too. The chicken was cooked to perfection also and you have a great finished product.

I was really satisfied with my dinner at Saigon Sadie and I can't wait to return and try their other dishes.

Saigon Sadie
The Yard Underground

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Janessa Erin ayon kay ...

I'm gonna try this next time I go to The Yard! <3

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