A Taste of Fil-Mex Awesomeness at El Chapo's

The next stop in my never-ending food trip at The Yard brought me to El Chapo's Fil-Mex Cartel. I didn't think I encountered a Fil-Mex restaurant before so I was excited to try it. It turns out it is named El Chapo's after an infamous Mexican drug cartel that was all over the news. This explains the "Don't worry ese, It's Legal" wording on the front.

Chicharitos (P85)

When I saw they have Lechon Sisig Tacos on the menu, I saw myself getting addicted to this and that was exactly what happened. Everything is great about this dish but I'm biased because I love lechon but then again who doesn't?

Beef Salpicao Taco (P95)

Before the food came out, owner Mark Copuyoc told us that their salpicao is actually a third generation family recipe. I mean it must be that good if it is still getting used up to now right? Yes it was! The only thing that I didn't like was not being able to eat the tacos the old-fashioned way because there were many of us sharing it.

Cheesy Beef Salpicao Nachos (P160)

Their salpicao is then put into nachos with lots of cheese. We all agreed that this one is certified keeper.

Fil-Mex Style Barbequed Street Corn (P60)

I love corn but we were warned that this one is spicy and I have low tolerance on spices but I still tried it. I found out that it was not that spicy anyway so I had more than I originally thought. If you like corn that's a bit spicy then this one is for you.

El Chapo's Onion Rings (P75)

Finally, we had onion rings with catsup and parmesan on top. I think what made this onion rings so good was the parmesan and of course its crunchiness. Who wouldn't want that in an onion rings?

El Chapo's
The Yard at Xavierville

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