Saigon Sadie - Vitenamese Awesomeness Galore

At The Yard Underground, there are several food stalls so it would be hard to choose which among them you would eat at, right? Behold Saigon Sadie, the place that oozes of Vietnamese awesomeness. I'm a big fan of Vietnamese food so curiousity really got me as to whether or not they stand out in the newest food park in town.

Threesome Combo (P220)

Their threesome combo has such a nice, well, combo of Vietnamese favorites. We had the Gigi Goodnight which is Chia Gio fried spring rolls with rice combined with pork skewer and fresh roll. They even have a "secret" sauce that I am sure foodies will love. This type of sauce actually goes well when it is used on any of the three foods in the meal. What a treat!

Busty Bambi (P150)

We also had the Busty Bambi which is Savory Chicken Bahn Mi sandwich. I loved the veggies put in this sandwich as it gave it an exquisite taste. I found out the secret sauce on the veggies works great too. The chicken was cooked to perfection also and you have a great finished product.

I was really satisfied with my dinner at Saigon Sadie and I can't wait to return and try their other dishes.

Saigon Sadie
The Yard Underground

A Taste of Fil-Mex Awesomeness at El Chapo's

The next stop in my never-ending food trip at The Yard brought me to El Chapo's Fil-Mex Cartel. I didn't think I encountered a Fil-Mex restaurant before so I was excited to try it. It turns out it is named El Chapo's after an infamous Mexican drug cartel that was all over the news. This explains the "Don't worry ese, It's Legal" wording on the front.

Chicharitos (P85)

When I saw they have Lechon Sisig Tacos on the menu, I saw myself getting addicted to this and that was exactly what happened. Everything is great about this dish but I'm biased because I love lechon but then again who doesn't?

Beef Salpicao Taco (P95)

Before the food came out, owner Mark Copuyoc told us that their salpicao is actually a third generation family recipe. I mean it must be that good if it is still getting used up to now right? Yes it was! The only thing that I didn't like was not being able to eat the tacos the old-fashioned way because there were many of us sharing it.

Cheesy Beef Salpicao Nachos (P160)

Their salpicao is then put into nachos with lots of cheese. We all agreed that this one is certified keeper.

Fil-Mex Style Barbequed Street Corn (P60)

I love corn but we were warned that this one is spicy and I have low tolerance on spices but I still tried it. I found out that it was not that spicy anyway so I had more than I originally thought. If you like corn that's a bit spicy then this one is for you.

El Chapo's Onion Rings (P75)

Finally, we had onion rings with catsup and parmesan on top. I think what made this onion rings so good was the parmesan and of course its crunchiness. Who wouldn't want that in an onion rings?

El Chapo's
The Yard at Xavierville

Feel That Extra Spice in Your Life with Caramba Hot Sauces

When people start talking about Filipino food, foodies rarely leave out dishes that are perfectly paired with chili. Knowing that, Ray Orozco, founder of CARAMBA, aims to fix that.
Needing to crush peppers in dishes and mixing it in soy sauce with calamansi is known to be very limiting in the realm of international cuisine. 

With that, Ray created a hot sauce that packs a lot of heat without the change in flavor. Obtaining supplies of Philippine-grown chili peppers, every piece’s flavor and heat is harnessed in one bottle by the grinding and extracting process.

The first product introduced by Caramba is the Chili Rojo. It contains a lot of heat from Bird's eye chili, something that's 3x spicier than the Tabasco pepper. It did not take long before it became Caramba's most popular sauce.

After Chili Rojo rose to fame, Chili Verde was immediately made. It may not be as spicy as red chili peppers but it possesses a unique flavor, mild better taste and intense heat.

 If you have a high tolerance in spices then the Habanero is for you. It is from the Red Savina Habanero pepper. This sauce will surely put your tongue on fire.

CARAMBA was incorporated in 1997 with the goals of introducing and providing premium quality Filipino products to the global market, contributing to the Philippines’ export revenue and opening agricultural opportunities for Filipino farmers. CARAMBA’S production has grown multiple times as much as the initial, and every bottle is brimful with only the finest chili in the Philippines.  You will find CARAMBA’S products in many restaurants, such as Yellow Cab Pizza Co., Army Navy, Shakey’s, Uncle Cheffy and Brothers’ Burger among others. CARAMBA products can also be found in the following major supermarkets in Metro Manila: SM Supermarket, Cash & Carry, Landmark Makati, Landmark Trinoma, Robinson's, Rustan's, Unimart, Gaisano and Shopwise. CARAMBA is not only distributed in Metro Manila, but also in selected stores in the provinces, across Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America. For more information, go to

Crisp on 28th Launches New Menu

One of BGC's finest restaurants, Crisp on 28th, has been around for quite sometime. They have been delighting BGC office workers and residents with their wonderful food and guess what? They recently revamped their menu with new dishes! That's right. Just when you thought their food could not get any better, it does.

Chicken Adobo Nachos (P280)

We started off with the Chicken Adobo Nachos and I have to give major props to Chef Siggy Santiago-Torrente for her creativity. This dish looks like a mix of Mexican and Filipino cuisine. I loved every bit of it too.

 Mangga't Chicharon (P240)

As expected, the Mangga't Chicharon tastes really sour because of all the bagoong in it. I'm not saying that is a bad thing though. In fact, it is such a good thing because this appetizer is perfect for long meetings that are usually held at this restaurant because of its lush interiors.

 Kaldereta Bolognese (P380)

Another Asian fusion dish is the Kaldereta Bolognese. Its sauce is extremely addicting especially with all that cream cheese on top of it. I don't eat pasta much but I would consider changing that because of this.

 Pancit Pad Thai (P320)

For the first time, I was served a Pad Thai that isn't mixed yet. I was not used to that but I always welcome change and this was one instance when it was needed because you can omit parts you don't like. For example, I would take out the spices in this one since I'm not a fan of spicy food.

 Manila Ramen (P320)

I never thought I would see ramen containing Filipino specialty dishes and here it is right in front of me. This one contains corn, liempo and kwek-kwek. What a delicious treat this is!

 Salted Egg and Ham Pressed Sandwich (P320)

My favorite dish of the night has got to be the Salted Egg and Ham Pressed Sandwich. I loved the sweet chinese ham that's in this one. The potato chips in this one were also not salty and that makes it healthy.

 Kansi Nasal (P360)

This dish reminded me so much of Sinigang that I actually thought it was Sinigang. I loved how tender the beef brisket cubes in it was too. It is perfect for cold weather but we are currently enter the summer season.

 Banana Squash Cake

We ended the night with a slice of Banana Squash Cake. I loved the fact that it contains walnuts too as it adds a bit more flavor in it.

Overall, we enjoyed each addition to the menu of Crisp on 28th. There is no doubt I will be coming back if I'm in the area.

Crisp on 28th
28th Street, Bonifacio Global City


Ain't Nothin But a Chi-Town Food Trip at Xiao Nan Men

Every Chinese New Year, lots of Filipinos head over to Chinatown to celebrate the occasion and eat lots of Chinese food. I don't know why you have to go that far when you can eat authentic Chinese food in Banawe, Quezon City. After taking a look at the menu of Xiao Nan Men, I was surprised at how affordable the food there is. Of course, the quality of the food is still tremendous.

Xiao Long Bao 9pcs. (P199)

Who doesn't like a good ol' serving of XLB? They definitely nailed it with their version and it is best eaten when it just landed on your table.

Porkbelly (Deepfried)

The pork belly is super crunchy and that is exactly the way I like it. Kudos to their chef for coming up with a dish like this.

Stir-Fried Garlic Taiwan Sausage (P199)

You know what they say, ain't nothing like a Taiwan sausage party. It is not exactly the type of party I prefer but I loved that their sausage came with bell pepper and onions. It is a great fit.

Ja Chang Noodles (P159)

I love noodles and their Ja Chang Noodles is a dish after my own heart. It had a lot of pork and a cool concept of separating the soup from the dry noodles and pork.

Three Cups Chicken (P199)

The Three Cups Chicken was my favorite dish of the night because it was so flavorful. I can send it had lots of greens and garlic too and that only added to its deliciousness.

Beef w/ Bell Pepper Fried Rice (P199)

Scrambled Egg w/ Special Sauce (P199)

The Scrambled Egg had a special sauce that reminded me of giniling which is actually a good thing. It is perfect to be paired with the meat dishes.

Stinky Tofu in Special Sauce (P199)

Deep Fried Porkchop

I could not find the price of the porkchop on the online menu but I can safely assume it is also P199. Their food is so cheap and good that I am not surprised why there are so many people who eat here.

Xiao Nan Men
G/F Z Square Mall