Mama Lou's Opens 4th Branch at Evia Lifestyle Center

When my favorite Italian restaurant Mama Lou's opens a new branch, you can bet your last penny that I will visit it. The branch may be far in the South but their food is worth it driving all the way from North.

Mozzarella Sticks (P180)

I love cheese so I wasn't complaining when we started off the night with their Mozzarella Sticks. This dish is gooey goodness in every bite.

 Bacon Poutine (P195)

My eyes lit up when I saw that they have Poutine choices. I love fries and fries mixed with anything is good. In fact, the same goes for bacon so fries plus bacon = <3.

Nachos (P275)

Their Nachos is what we have grown to love and they have a big serving just right for the price.

Grilled Tuna Belly (P325)

Risotto Di Mare (P350)

I am a huge fan of Risotto and this goodie has mixed seafood including mussels and squid. The creaminess of the arborio rice sure made this a stand alone dish. I loved every bit of it.

Spag Seafood Olio (P315)

The only time I would eat seafood is when it is mixed in pasta. They sure hit all the right spots with all the seafood here.

Lasagna (P295)

Their Lasagna is not the type you will expect coming out of fast food restaurants as this one is homemade. If you have tasted the other recipes of Mama Lou's then you know you are going to get something good out of her version.

Italian Sardine (P275)

Scallopini Marsala (P360)

For our meat cravings, we got tender beef slices in Marsala sauce. These beef slices also come in al limone and pizzalola sauce and that got me curious of how the other sauces taste like because of how good the marsala sauce is.

Truffle Mac & Cheese (P285)

Their Truffle Mac & Cheese took all the words right out of my mouth. In fact, I made it a point to come back to Mama Lou's just for this dish when I am in that "light snack" diet. Not only has this become my favorite dish in Mama Lou's but it has also become one of my favorite dishes of all time. What a keeper.

Chicken Diavalo (P390)

My mouth literally dropped when I saw their Chicken Diavalo which is oven roasted chicken with rosemary, garlic, oregano, chili in extra virgin olive oil. This dish is best paired up with one of their risotto dishes. What a treat.

 Chocolate Cake (P160)

For those who love chocolate, their chocolate cake is a must try. It is also made up of Belgian chocolate and that's always a plus.

Take the Cannoli (P200)

We had a sweet ending (literally) to our long meal with the Take the Cannoli. It looks like it had whipped cream and chocolate inside those crisps sprinkled with pistachio nuts.

Mama Lou's is not only one of my favorite Italian restaurants but is also one of my favorite restaurants hands down. After visiting their newest branch, I can say nothing has changed. I would still line up just to eat here.

Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen
GF Evia Lifestyle Kitchen

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