2017 Fearless Forecasts for Team Aldous

10) Manfred Starts a Fashion Blog

Let the Menacing Machine show you how to dress properly when going out to a gathering, a date or to work everyday. Mind you, this guy looks a lot different when wearing a suit and tie. He is actually someone you will take seriously. He even includes dating tips in his blog. What a treat!

What's the blog called?

We look in our crystal ball and Manfred buys the domain to www.ialwaysgetmymanfred.com. Yes, it is that catchy.

9) Mish top notches the bar

Mish is currently scheduled to take the bar exam in November of this year. We are all well aware of the fact that the results don't come out until early 2018. However, Mish destroys the exam so much that they decided to announce the top notchers in late 2017 making her the third lawyer in the group after Missy and Manfred.

How does she celebrate?

Our crystal ball says a group yoga session is in store for the heavy-eating group. Why did she choose that method? Well, because why not?

8) Jam forms a Band with Via, Shiela & Tin

A lot of people don't know about it but Janine has a hidden talent in singing. This year, she finally decides to capitalize on that and form a band where she does vocals, Shiela takes over the guitar, Tin handles the drums and Via handles the trombone.

What's the Band called? 

We look at the crystal ball and find out they call themselves Jam and the Jammy Spreaders. I guess that's better than the Lady Laglagers?

7) Issa and Bea form a tandem

Team Aldous is so big that bloggers with common interests (or area of designation) pair up. You have the Cavite Connection (Jackie & Louise), the Tandang Sora Thanders (Tin & Shiela), the Dee Sisters (Mariel & Chin), Kaladkarins (Mish & Cohen) and of course the original Soul Sistaz (Jen & Cess). It will be interesting to see if this unlikely duo can co-exist.

What's their tandem called?

They decide to call themselves, "Bae & Nae" because of Issa's ability to do the..you guessed it..

6) Louise runs for public office

There is no member in the group who has more leadership qualities than the Smooth Saint. It may not be an election year but there is no harm in announcing intentions for the 2019 elections.

What position?

Because of her humble demeanor, she decides to gun for a councilor spot in her hometown of Cavite. 

5) Obie directs a movie

The Kembot Queen is by far, the member with the strongest personality. This year, she finally decides to move to the film industry and make movies.

What's the first movie about? 

Obie is slated to direct "Nandon na ba Tayo, Beh?", a tagalog version of "Are we there yet?" which is..Yep you guessed it..a movie about traveling. The movie is about a group who encounter a series of unfortunate events while traveling to a secret surfing spot. Sound familiar? I didn't think so.

4) Princess lands a movie role

After a mind boggling billboard that caused numerous motorcycle accidents (Were you one of those guys who looked a little too long?), Princess finally lands a movie role, proving that she has great acting skills too.

What will she play?

The crystal ball shows the Witty Hottie starring alongside Alden and Maine. She ends up playing the apple of the eye of Alden which breaks the Internet as the Aldub nation uses a variety of jeje hashtags because they forget it is just a movie. 

3) Jen migrates to the States

Unfortunately, not all news in this column is good news. The Testy Tita has been planning to move to the States for quite sometime and this year will be that year. When this happens, she will leave a void in the group that can't possibly be replaced.

Where in the States?

We see her moving to California to attend the wedding of The Dashing Diva, another member who has migrated to the States.  

2) Lee Min Ho goes after Cohen

Her passion for Korean telenovelas is well-documented which is why Cohen has a Korea trip scheduled in the latter part of the year. What happens there is far from what she expected as actor Lee Min Ho decides to pursue her when they meet in Notting Hill-type fashion.

How will Lee Min Ho fare with the Hyper Heroine?

We see in the crystal ball that Lee Min Ho is not that good of a manliligaw. Will it be enough? Hmmm..to quote Psy, "KOREAN I DUNNO!"

1) Jel gets a boyfriend

Before anything else, I would like say that this lucky fellow is NOT ME! On a serious note, I am going to be very happy since Madame "NBFSB" becomes Madame "NBFuntil2017." The term "never say never" holds true here.

Who is this dude?

We look at the crystal ball and it shows one tall, (very) dark and good-looking fellow. Ummm be careful, Jel. You know what they say? Once you go black....eh, you get the picture.

Satisfy your Cheesy Cravings at Melt Grilled Cheesery

Once I found out about Melt Grilled Cheesery, a restaurant where each dish in the menu has cheese in it one way or the other, my heart literally melted. This is indeed my type of restaurant and we were lucky enough to have our Christmas party here.

 Mushroom Truffle Cheese Dip with Black Lavash (P365)

I would seriously consider using the mushroom truffle cheese dip and dip other food into it. The black lavash were kinda okay but I already thought of other stuff to dip into it like banana, pears, apples, celery, chicken, roast beef and even blue marlin.

 Melt's Mac & Cheese Bars (P240)

What a splendid idea it was for mac & cheese to become bars. Whoever thought of this deserves a pat on the back. It was one of those dishes that made me wish it had an unlimited option because it was that good.

 Cheesy Fries

We had first dibs on their version of Poutine and I loved every bit of it. There were some poutines that suffers from too much meat mixed into it but this one had the right amount. Did I wish it had more cheese? Of course! Too much of cheese is never enough.

Creamy Tomato Meat Linguini (P295)

It seems like the creamier this dish got, the better it was for me. I certainly wished it was a lot creamier than it originally was but I'm not complaining on what it already was. In fact, I'd order this again when I come back.

 Bacon Mac & Grilled Cheesy (P275)

This sandwich is without a doubt my favorite dish of the night. A single stare on that oozing cheese had me begging for more. What a delightful treat this was from start to end.

 Beefy Cheesy Rice (P375)

My compliments to Chef James Torres for this wonderful recipe. It is beef stew on top of their house melted cheeses plus candied walnuts and cilantro. This dish made me wish Melt had another branch that is nearer to my home.

Ratatouille (P285)

This is definitely not your average red sauce pasta as it is linguini tossed in eggplants, carrots, zucchini sautted in their signature tomato pesto sauce. It is a treat for all ages indeed.

 Chili Con Queso (P375)

There were chili con carne and sausages mixed with Melt's house cheese in this sandwich. It was an amazing combination to say the least and it made me have one bite after another.

 Chili Cheesy Rice (P385)

Melt had two cheesy rice options and this one took home the bacon I mean chili con carne. I would love to have two of this dish and would still have space for another one.

 Mushroom Truffle (P395)

I absolutely love mushroom truffle cream sauce til death so I definitely find myself craving for this dish in the future. It is even topped with aragula and aged kesong puti. The best part is that you can add P65 for parma ham. 

Chocolate Chip Oreo Cheesecake (P255)

We actually had three slices of cakes but the other two were gone before I can say, "Cheese." If they were as good as this one then I have to give Melt Grilled Cheesery two thumbs up.

Melt Grilled Cheesery
2F Uptown Mall

Mama Lou's Opens 4th Branch at Evia Lifestyle Center

When my favorite Italian restaurant Mama Lou's opens a new branch, you can bet your last penny that I will visit it. The branch may be far in the South but their food is worth it driving all the way from North.

Mozzarella Sticks (P180)

I love cheese so I wasn't complaining when we started off the night with their Mozzarella Sticks. This dish is gooey goodness in every bite.

 Bacon Poutine (P195)

My eyes lit up when I saw that they have Poutine choices. I love fries and fries mixed with anything is good. In fact, the same goes for bacon so fries plus bacon = <3.

Nachos (P275)

Their Nachos is what we have grown to love and they have a big serving just right for the price.

Grilled Tuna Belly (P325)

Risotto Di Mare (P350)

I am a huge fan of Risotto and this goodie has mixed seafood including mussels and squid. The creaminess of the arborio rice sure made this a stand alone dish. I loved every bit of it.

Spag Seafood Olio (P315)

The only time I would eat seafood is when it is mixed in pasta. They sure hit all the right spots with all the seafood here.

Lasagna (P295)

Their Lasagna is not the type you will expect coming out of fast food restaurants as this one is homemade. If you have tasted the other recipes of Mama Lou's then you know you are going to get something good out of her version.

Italian Sardine (P275)

Scallopini Marsala (P360)

For our meat cravings, we got tender beef slices in Marsala sauce. These beef slices also come in al limone and pizzalola sauce and that got me curious of how the other sauces taste like because of how good the marsala sauce is.

Truffle Mac & Cheese (P285)

Their Truffle Mac & Cheese took all the words right out of my mouth. In fact, I made it a point to come back to Mama Lou's just for this dish when I am in that "light snack" diet. Not only has this become my favorite dish in Mama Lou's but it has also become one of my favorite dishes of all time. What a keeper.

Chicken Diavalo (P390)

My mouth literally dropped when I saw their Chicken Diavalo which is oven roasted chicken with rosemary, garlic, oregano, chili in extra virgin olive oil. This dish is best paired up with one of their risotto dishes. What a treat.

 Chocolate Cake (P160)

For those who love chocolate, their chocolate cake is a must try. It is also made up of Belgian chocolate and that's always a plus.

Take the Cannoli (P200)

We had a sweet ending (literally) to our long meal with the Take the Cannoli. It looks like it had whipped cream and chocolate inside those crisps sprinkled with pistachio nuts.

Mama Lou's is not only one of my favorite Italian restaurants but is also one of my favorite restaurants hands down. After visiting their newest branch, I can say nothing has changed. I would still line up just to eat here.

Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen
GF Evia Lifestyle Kitchen