Party Toques by Chef Rob Lau - The Food Platter Expert

Just in time for Christmas, Chef Rob Lau transformed his calorie counted meals into Party Toques. Now, those who are planning for small and big events can take advantage from Chef Rob Lau's tasty food. A lot of celebrities already took advantage because Chef Rob Lau was able to make them fit without them going on a strict diet.

For the first time, I got to try Serradura and they have 3 flavors: Matcha Tiramisu, Black Sesame with Mango and Cookies & Creme. I absolutely loved the Matcha Tiramisu so much that I took home the entire thing. I knew I was being selfish but I have never tasted anything that good.

The Thai pork glass noodles is one dish that was too salty and that might be because I did not sprinkle lemon on to it.

The Sushi is something that got me and my fellow foodies talking about it. The Beef Kebab is a dish that will stand out when it is a one of the choices with other good food selections.

Another one of my favorites is the Valencia Rosted Chicken with Paella Rice. When you first take a look at it, you will notice a lot of things are happening in one platter. The best part in the paella is seafood so there are clams and squid mixed in there. When you combine that with their well-cooked roasted chicken, it is such a golden combination.

Wow, I ended up taking out the entire Matcha Tiramisu all by myself. Of course, I didn't do that in one day. It was so good I am always craving for it. I am so sad that they don't supply it to restaurants that are near me. I'm very ecstatic about eating this again though.

Contact Party Toques by Chef Rob Lau for your special events and experience great food like you have never experienced before.

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