Enteng 10 Opens November 30

Before Enteng 10 opens November 30 in theaters nationwide, the cast participated in a Bloggers' Conference to answer questions from the bloggers. Vic Sotto was accompanied by the kabarkads Jose, Wally and Paolo and they first tackled how surprised they were when they found out their movie isn't going to be included in the MMFF lineup this year. Bossing did say that the kids will have an early Christmas this year when they catch their movie in theaters on Wednesday.

In one of the best questions of the night, Paolo Ballesteros was asked what he thought when one of his movies got included in the MMFF lineup and one didn't. I got impressed by his answer when he said he gave the same effort in both movies which prompted Vic with the best joke of the night, "Indie ka eh. Indie mo naintindihan."

The actors had a great time when an English speaking blogger asked them a question and they were forced to speak in English. Sotto pretended to have a nose bleed, Wally started his answer in English but ended in Tagalog, Jose simply said, "What a wonderful question. Next question please." and Paolo said, "Like what he said." 

In Enteng 10, Enteng enlists the help of the Abanagers in defeating the villainous Kwak-kwak who has the power to control the mind of anyone who plays a virtual reality game. Sotto praised Epi Quizon who was the one who played Kwak-kwak, saying he is a very good actor and they ended in good terms when they work together before.


Feel the Baolistic Vibe at Bao on the Block

Despite being named Bao on the Block, the restaurant is not actually located at SM North Edsa The Block. They are located in front of ABS-CBN and they offer free delivery to those who work and live within the area. That's BAObastic news for those who are living in South Triangle. They have such a unique concept centered around the Cua Pao which for me is such a good idea.

 Pork Siomai


The Pork Siomai is P55 for 4pcs. and P85 for 8 pcs while Dumplings are P65 for 4 pcs. and P95 for 8 pcs. You also have the option of having it either fried or steamed. I prefer steamed myself since it is healthier. The fried version feels incomplete without a cup of rice to go along with it for me. Both versions are good though as we ended up ordering another set of 8 pcs. of siomai and dumplings.

Pork Hoisin

Chicken Chop

Fish Wasabi

All 3 rice meals were what you would expect from them. For me, I wish the vegetables would be replaced by corn & carrots instead and there would be an option to turn the white rice into fried rice or make it unlimited. I'm sure the crew over at channel 2 loves them some rice.

Bao to the King

The Bao Specials with their witty names did not disappoint whatsoever. My favorite is the Bao to the King which is composed of Chicken Teriyaki and beansprouts.

Fish Bao with You

Seafood lovers will love the Fish Bao with You as it is made up of fish, wasabi mayo and nori. Despite not being a seafood lover, I liked it and it is because the fish was cooked nicely.

Chicken Teriyaki

Being a long time fan of Chicken Teriyaki, it was no surprise how it was my favorite among all the rice meals served. We were all such pretenders like we were watching our non-existent diet and we ended up eating more of the meat and less of the rice.

BOTB Classic

The BoTB Classic has pork hoisin and nuts and it is a favorite among the people who work in the kapamilya network. They don't even have to walk far to get their favorite BAOs as they just have to dial 0995-7839797 and the BAOman would hop onto his BAOmobile to deliver those fresh BAOs.

Back to the Baosics

Back to the Baosics includes chicken, picked veggies and coleslaw. This bao sure is healthy and it pairs nicely with their Tsing Tao beer. Just ask the BAOtender about that classic beer and you won't be disappointed.

Deep Fried Ice Cream Bao (P99)

Do you know what the theme song of their Deep Fried Ice Cream is? Rihanna's Take a Bao! That's because it deserves a round of applause. It is also time for it to go....in less than five minutes because it is so yummy.

52 Sgt. Esguerra
South Triangle, Quezon City

Party Toques by Chef Rob Lau - The Food Platter Expert

Just in time for Christmas, Chef Rob Lau transformed his calorie counted meals into Party Toques. Now, those who are planning for small and big events can take advantage from Chef Rob Lau's tasty food. A lot of celebrities already took advantage because Chef Rob Lau was able to make them fit without them going on a strict diet.

For the first time, I got to try Serradura and they have 3 flavors: Matcha Tiramisu, Black Sesame with Mango and Cookies & Creme. I absolutely loved the Matcha Tiramisu so much that I took home the entire thing. I knew I was being selfish but I have never tasted anything that good.

The Thai pork glass noodles is one dish that was too salty and that might be because I did not sprinkle lemon on to it.

The Sushi is something that got me and my fellow foodies talking about it. The Beef Kebab is a dish that will stand out when it is a one of the choices with other good food selections.

Another one of my favorites is the Valencia Rosted Chicken with Paella Rice. When you first take a look at it, you will notice a lot of things are happening in one platter. The best part in the paella is seafood so there are clams and squid mixed in there. When you combine that with their well-cooked roasted chicken, it is such a golden combination.

Wow, I ended up taking out the entire Matcha Tiramisu all by myself. Of course, I didn't do that in one day. It was so good I am always craving for it. I am so sad that they don't supply it to restaurants that are near me. I'm very ecstatic about eating this again though.

Contact Party Toques by Chef Rob Lau for your special events and experience great food like you have never experienced before.