Capampangan Comfort Food at Pinac + Win P1000 GC

I have been to Pampanga before so I got a taste of what Capampangan Cuisine is all about and guess what? I loved it. That's why I was so ecstatic because when I found out we were scheduled to go to Pinac Capampangan Heirloom Cuisine. We met the managing director Angel Pelayo and she is such a very humble person as she explained the beginnings of the restaurant.

Sisig Pizza (P245)

When we think of Capampangan Cuisine, we think of Sisig right away so it was no surprise the Sisig Pizza was the first thing that started us off. I just wished it was a thick crusted pizza since I prefer my pizza that way. If it is thick crust then it would be alright to have huge chunks of sisig meat on it. Because if it is thin crust, there is a huge possibility it would fall off. The sisig is great as expected and I would not have it any other way.

Deep Fried Chicken Skin with Chips (P325)

My favorite has got to be the Deep Fried Chicken Skin with Chips as it is very crunchy and delicious at the same time. I would actually prefer eating this with lots of rice as that would be the perfect combination.

 Crispy Hito Balls (P235)

This was definitely the only time I enjoyed hito balls as it is supposed to be eaten by dipping it into the buro then wrapping it into leaves. I am not a fish fan but I definitely enjoyed this one.

 Baked Oysters with Crispy Kangkong (P235)

I have nothing but positive things to say about the Baked Oysters with Crispy Kangkong. It is so cheesy and that is always a plus. Oysters plus cheese is always good and topped with kangkong is such a nice touch.

 Beef Kare Kare (P365)

My favorite Filipino dish is hands down the Kare Kare and I make it a point to order it in every Filipino restaurant I eat at. I must say the best part about the Beef Kare Kare is the sauce as it makes it a keeper. It is unlike anything I have ever tasted.

 Pinac's Crispy Pata (P645)

I have never been a fan of Crispy Pata but I quickly became a fan of Pinac's Crispy Pata. It may be a bit pricey but it is worth it. They definitely showed how Crispy Pata should be cooked.

Overload Pinoy Paella (P645)

The Overloaded Paella had everything you would want in a Paella. It has seafood, bagnet, bell pepper, eggs and a lot more. This sure came at a right time as it fits perfectly with the Crispy Pata or even their Ribs.

Salted Egg Paro (P395)

I am not sure if this was a Capampangan recipe or not but either way, the shrimp with salted egg is simply to die for. There were only 6 of us and there were two orders of this on both sides. I ended up getting one from both orders. It was that good.

(Clockwise) Mango Panna Cotta with Turon (P155), Flat Top Smores (P255), Puto Bumbong with Coconut Sugar (P135)

It was hard to pick a favorite among the three dessert dishes. All of them have something special to bring to the table. If I were to pick a favorite though, it would be the smores. Who does not like smores right? It is rich, creamy and chocolatey marshmallow goodness. People of all ages love this dish. 

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