A Cheesy Japanese Dinner at Takami

Being the cheesy person that I am, I was so happy that all the food we sampled at Takami had cheese in it. Who doesn't love cheese right? Whether it is cheddar cheese, blue cheese or corny pick-up lines. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I always take my pick-up lines to another level. But enough on that type of cheese, the food at Takami is something that will stand out among the 30 food stalls in the most popular food park in the country and that is saying a lot.

Buffalo Chicken (6 pcs. for P115)

Beef Bulgogi (6 pcs. for P115)

Their Gyozas are absolutely brilliant. I have never seen a Beef Bulgogi or a Buffalo Chicken gyoza before but they have it and it was really good. I can only imagine what the recipe looks like. I enjoyed both gyozas even though the Buffalo Chicken is slightly spicy. I can guess 6 pieces is good for two people but I can gulp down one order by myself and I know I'm not the only one once more people find out about this. Speaking of recipes, I wish I could figure out the recipe....to your heart. <3

Cheesy Bacon Okonomiyaki (P175)

For those who are not familiar with Okonomiyaki, it is Japanese savory pancake. The Cheesy Bacon Okonomiyaki is topped with bacon, cheese and the always present bonito flakes. Whenever I see an Okonomiyaki, it looks alive because of the bonito flakes that keeps on moving whenever it is blown by wind. You are like my bonito flakes because you make my heart beat faster.

Cheesy Beef Gyudon (P240)

Cheesy Chicken Teppan (P190)

If there is anything better than Teppanyaki, it is Torched Teppanyaki. That's right. They torch the cheese right in front of you so it melts all over the meat. It kind of makes me want to do the same thing to your heart (so it would also melt). Both Teppanyaki choices were to die for and I meant that in a nice way. They offer huge servings for the barkada meal too. It is ideal for teams after a basketball game or bikers coming from far places like Marikina. Even if they came from a far place, they certainly found what they were looking for (or did they?).

I will definitely come back to Takami for the Teppanyaki, Gyoza and something else that starts with the letter "O" (it is not that hard to guess what that is).

The Yard at Xavierville

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