Interact with People Face to Face using Findr

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be on top of your social life? Findr is a new app that lets you do just that. All you have to do is to log in your Facebook, Google and FourSquare accounts and your social life will become a whole lot easier with just a few clicks.

Findr's main goal is to have people of the same interest interact face to face instead of just online. After logging on your Facebook or Google accounts, you can now create events like pub crawls, art events, garage sales or even a simple dinner. Your contacts can let you know instantly whether they will be able to come or not. The best part about it? You will be able to know where they currently are which means you will know if they are lying or not. No more lame excuses of not being able to make it to your event.

One additional feature of Findr is being able to find the best deals in town. If you are an avid shopper then this is one feature you will love.

Taking over the Soban K-Town

Wow, if there is one town I'd want to take over as mayor it would be Soban K-Town. It is a place that will always have a special place in my heart. I rarely eat at Korean restaurants but they really impressed me with what they have to offer. They simply took my breath away when I got to taste their food.

Because of the BBQ combo set, we had unlimited servings of Kimchi rice. It was certainly spicy from the name itself which made me look for other options when my mouth is suffering from the spicy food I just ate since I am used to rice as the fire extinguisher. It certainly needs to be water in this case.

Tacos (P75/pc.)

We had 6 servings of the Tacos and I was really surprised at how a Korean restaurant has Tacos. Each of them had grilled beef along with cheese, tomatoes and greens. It was a healthy alternative to having unlimited Kimchi rice to go along with the meat. I'd recommend this to all the taco lovers out there.

Premium BBQ Combo Set (P2120)

We had the Premium BBQ Combo Set which had 180g marinated premium beef, 180g pork belly, 180g boneless fried chicken, 2 japchae and a maximum of 4 unlimited kimchi rice. They say this combo set is good for 3 to 4 people but I actually think it could fit around 6 to 8 people. I loved the way they grilled the meat in front of us. We could have done it ourselves but we let them do it for picture purposes. The price is more than worth it for all the food that was served.

Kimchi Fries (P199)

One of the crowd favorites here is the Kimchi Fries which is fries with roasted pork bits, kimchi and lots of cheese on top. I have low tolerance on spicy food but I still had a lot of it anyway. It is perfect to go along with their superb cocktail drinks.

Dak Bulgogi Set (P320)

Their version of caramelized boneless fried chicken is so good that it made me dive onto the other table and get more of it. The sesame seed is certainly the icing on the cake as they say when it comes to finishing this yummy dish.

Japchae (P195)

We had one of the best Japchae I have ever tasted. It is extremely flavorful. It definitely fits hand in hand with their grilled chicken or pork.

Before getting back to the food, I must applaud the ambiance and service of Soban. Their staff were certainly trained well and it really showed.

Coffee Prince (P120)

For dessert, we had the Coffee Prince which is homemade coffee ice cream lying on salt graham and red beans. I must applaud whoever came up with this combination because it was a great way to end a sumptuous meal.

 Soban K-Town
2nd Floor, Eastwood Mall

A Cheesy Japanese Dinner at Takami

Being the cheesy person that I am, I was so happy that all the food we sampled at Takami had cheese in it. Who doesn't love cheese right? Whether it is cheddar cheese, blue cheese or corny pick-up lines. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I always take my pick-up lines to another level. But enough on that type of cheese, the food at Takami is something that will stand out among the 30 food stalls in the most popular food park in the country and that is saying a lot.

Buffalo Chicken (6 pcs. for P115)

Beef Bulgogi (6 pcs. for P115)

Their Gyozas are absolutely brilliant. I have never seen a Beef Bulgogi or a Buffalo Chicken gyoza before but they have it and it was really good. I can only imagine what the recipe looks like. I enjoyed both gyozas even though the Buffalo Chicken is slightly spicy. I can guess 6 pieces is good for two people but I can gulp down one order by myself and I know I'm not the only one once more people find out about this. Speaking of recipes, I wish I could figure out the your heart. <3

Cheesy Bacon Okonomiyaki (P175)

For those who are not familiar with Okonomiyaki, it is Japanese savory pancake. The Cheesy Bacon Okonomiyaki is topped with bacon, cheese and the always present bonito flakes. Whenever I see an Okonomiyaki, it looks alive because of the bonito flakes that keeps on moving whenever it is blown by wind. You are like my bonito flakes because you make my heart beat faster.

Cheesy Beef Gyudon (P240)

Cheesy Chicken Teppan (P190)

If there is anything better than Teppanyaki, it is Torched Teppanyaki. That's right. They torch the cheese right in front of you so it melts all over the meat. It kind of makes me want to do the same thing to your heart (so it would also melt). Both Teppanyaki choices were to die for and I meant that in a nice way. They offer huge servings for the barkada meal too. It is ideal for teams after a basketball game or bikers coming from far places like Marikina. Even if they came from a far place, they certainly found what they were looking for (or did they?).

I will definitely come back to Takami for the Teppanyaki, Gyoza and something else that starts with the letter "O" (it is not that hard to guess what that is).

The Yard at Xavierville

Celebrate International Rural Women's Day at Women's Market this Saturday

Aldous ate the World is a proud media partner of the Women's Market. Women empowerment is a way of life for the women economic leaders coming together at Women’s Market on the 15th of October 2016 at Eastwood CityWalk 2.

Dakila - Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism, Oxfam and the Pambansang Koalisyon ng Kababaihan sa Kanayunan (PKKK), in partnership with Muni.Ph, are bringing together strong women leaders and entrepreneurs in a marketplace of good products and even better ideas, in celebration of International Rural Women’s Day.

A diverse selection of products grown, made, and marketed by rural women in the Philippines, such as organic lechon, banigs, earrings, massage oils, jams, and more will be sold at the Women's Market from 10am-7pm. The premiere of a women’s empowerment documentary and a series of talks and performances by women leadership icons will comprise the program from 3pm-6pm.

Armi Millare, musician, Dakila member and WEL advocate emphasizes the importance of women leaders imparting their wisdom to others: “If we can share knowledge that could help those who need to be represented, we should, by all means, take a stand and make a choice—however small—can be a step towards change.”

In addition to Millare, speakers and performers include: Maricris Sarino-Joson of Yabang Pinoy; writer and celebrity mom, Stephanie Zubiri; designer Joyce Makitalo; Charlene Tan of the Good Food Community; artist and Climate Justice advocate Nityalila; Aia de Leon of Imago; Maricel Cua of the Parenting Emporium; Kat Agarrado of Sinosikat; and of course key members of the rural women’s groups, who will share their insights on how women can thrive in diverse roles in business, community, family, and country.

Both events are open to the public with no entrance fee.

Bonggang Budget Buffet at Bossing's Grill

Everybody hates their boss with a passion. However, Bossing is one boss I love because he has good food over at Bossing's Grill. The best part about it is it is in the form of a budget buffet. Despite the low price, there are a lot of popular Filipino food choices.

They have 4 soup choices and the best one is the Bacon Sinigang. It is definitely something innovative but as we all know anything with bacon is really good.

There are a lot of familiar Filipino food present in the buffet. If you love Filipino food then this is certainly heaven for you. It is more of a meatfest since Filipinos are known for their love of meat.

I had some of the Mongolian too as it let me satisfy my craving for vegetables.

The buffet reminds me of lutong bahay type of food. The buffet is so affordable that you would want to go here after playing sports. Drinks are included in the buffet as well.

There are all things cripsy in this buffet including their big bagnet and the fried chicken. Both will make you wish could eat these forever.

For those who like seafood, they have a lot of that as well. There is certainly one for every Juan in the buffet and it even gets cheaper when the restaurant is about to close.

They have pastries and DIY halo halo. It is always a good thing to end your buffet the right way and that is a sweet ending.

Bossing's Grill
Ali Mall, Cubao

Experience the Best of Calaguas at Waling Waling Eco Village

After almost 12 hours of travel time, we finally arrived at Calaguas. Was it worth the long travel? Oh yes! It is a great feeling to stay in an isolated island with no signal and internet. You have no choice but to talk with your friends and I was lucky enough to be with awesome people in this trip. The white sand beach is something that I kept going back to. It is a good thing there is basically no electricity on the island the entire day so you have no choice but to explore the island which is a great idea.

For only P6500 per night, guests can check in one of Waling Waling's 8 kubols. It is a 2 floor nippa hut with your own comfort room and a bed for two. There are also sockets for those who need to charge.

I really don't know why I kept on postponing my trip to Calaguas because it was one hell of a trip. You will rarely see someone say that a 12 hour trip is worth it but I say this trip is. The island is unforgettable and it is the type you will tell your friends about.

At only P3500 per night (maximum of 4 pax), guests can now stay in one of Waling Waling's 14 cabanas. It is just a few steps from the beach so you can take a dip whenever you want. It is ideal for couples or families.

We also trekked for about 30 minutes but it took an hour including the picture taking and going back to Waling Waling. I must admit getting to the tip of the mountain is worth every tiring step because the view from the top of the island is simply spectacular.

Waling Waling

Start a Healthy Lifestyle with Fit Access

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Manila-based startup Fit Access launches a booking platform that
caters to tech-savvy millennials and on-the-go professionals and encourage them to find
their joy and passion in fitness.

Fit Access allows members to enjoy a wide variety of fitness activities every month in all its
partner gyms and studios. Members can choose from different workout categories that suit
their mood and match their fitness level.

Co-founders Ia Hernandez and Natalie Cruz, are both athletes who want to share their love
of fitness and help others find the workout that fits their schedule and taste. “As athletes, Ia
and I know that fitness is more than just a lifestyle but a way of life. With Fit Access we hope
that Filipino professionals can incorporate any fitness routine they like into their weekly
schedules,” says Natalie Cruz, a Girevoy (Kettlebell) Sport athlete, IKSFA Level 2 Coach,
and a current student of ACE Personal Trainer Certification.

Fit Access, a mobile-friendly website, was created for individuals at any age and fitness
level. Whether you’re a busy professional planning to start a new fitness regime, a fitness
enthusiast wanting to try something new, or an athlete looking to cross train, the platform
has all the fitness activities and group classes you can possibly think of. With 30 (and still
growing) partner studios, Fit Access is the perfect place to discover new workout options.
Members can check class schedules and book a class at their favorite studios with just a few
clicks, making it doubly easier to attend a session. Its accessibility and user-friendly interface
makes finding a class a breeze. Nobody has to call in and book their workout sessions

What makes this new platform different from its competition? Fit Access offers the most
flexible subscription plans that suit individual needs. Fit Access features three membership
options ranging from 6-12 visits per month, all designed to bring you the best service
possible. Co-founder Ia Hernandez says, “Our monthly membership plans are perfect for
those who might already have an existing gym membership but would like to complement
their workouts with new activities. If they’re thinking of picking up a new sport, Fit Access is
definitely a great platform for that as well!”

Beyond monthly classes, members will also receive exclusive deals from partner
establishments such as discounts on gym membership packages, fitness workshops, and
free invites to health and fitness events. Visit to know more about their
partner establishments and subscription plans!

Is #balikalindog on your 2016 goals? Are you planning to break the monotony of your fitness
routine? Then Fit Access may just be the one you need. What are you waiting for? Join now
and be part of a dynamic fitness revolution!

Capampangan Comfort Food at Pinac + Win P1000 GC

I have been to Pampanga before so I got a taste of what Capampangan Cuisine is all about and guess what? I loved it. That's why I was so ecstatic because when I found out we were scheduled to go to Pinac Capampangan Heirloom Cuisine. We met the managing director Angel Pelayo and she is such a very humble person as she explained the beginnings of the restaurant.

Sisig Pizza (P245)

When we think of Capampangan Cuisine, we think of Sisig right away so it was no surprise the Sisig Pizza was the first thing that started us off. I just wished it was a thick crusted pizza since I prefer my pizza that way. If it is thick crust then it would be alright to have huge chunks of sisig meat on it. Because if it is thin crust, there is a huge possibility it would fall off. The sisig is great as expected and I would not have it any other way.

Deep Fried Chicken Skin with Chips (P325)

My favorite has got to be the Deep Fried Chicken Skin with Chips as it is very crunchy and delicious at the same time. I would actually prefer eating this with lots of rice as that would be the perfect combination.

 Crispy Hito Balls (P235)

This was definitely the only time I enjoyed hito balls as it is supposed to be eaten by dipping it into the buro then wrapping it into leaves. I am not a fish fan but I definitely enjoyed this one.

 Baked Oysters with Crispy Kangkong (P235)

I have nothing but positive things to say about the Baked Oysters with Crispy Kangkong. It is so cheesy and that is always a plus. Oysters plus cheese is always good and topped with kangkong is such a nice touch.

 Beef Kare Kare (P365)

My favorite Filipino dish is hands down the Kare Kare and I make it a point to order it in every Filipino restaurant I eat at. I must say the best part about the Beef Kare Kare is the sauce as it makes it a keeper. It is unlike anything I have ever tasted.

 Pinac's Crispy Pata (P645)

I have never been a fan of Crispy Pata but I quickly became a fan of Pinac's Crispy Pata. It may be a bit pricey but it is worth it. They definitely showed how Crispy Pata should be cooked.

Overload Pinoy Paella (P645)

The Overloaded Paella had everything you would want in a Paella. It has seafood, bagnet, bell pepper, eggs and a lot more. This sure came at a right time as it fits perfectly with the Crispy Pata or even their Ribs.

Salted Egg Paro (P395)

I am not sure if this was a Capampangan recipe or not but either way, the shrimp with salted egg is simply to die for. There were only 6 of us and there were two orders of this on both sides. I ended up getting one from both orders. It was that good.

(Clockwise) Mango Panna Cotta with Turon (P155), Flat Top Smores (P255), Puto Bumbong with Coconut Sugar (P135)

It was hard to pick a favorite among the three dessert dishes. All of them have something special to bring to the table. If I were to pick a favorite though, it would be the smores. Who does not like smores right? It is rich, creamy and chocolatey marshmallow goodness. People of all ages love this dish. 

Get a chance to win P1000 Pinac GC by entering this Rafflecopter giveaway:

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