Sapphire Blog Food Revolution Part 3 - Moonshine Pub

They say too many cooks spoil the broth but at Moonshine Pub, you have three trained chefs and two who are highly educated in hotel management. Now that is one formula that spells success and they have that at Moonshine.

This was by far the best quote of the day since a lot of people definitely go here for beer. Speaking of beer, they have so many alcoholic and non-alcoholic choices which is why I wished this was the last stop of the food crawl.

Green Sling (P190)

For drinks, I had the green sling and it is a mix of vodka, cucumber, basil and calamansi. For some reason, I did not feel the vodka that much as I felt more of the cucumber and basil which is a good thing. I will definitely try the rest of their signature cocktails as they all look to have an impressive combination of alcohol and fruits.


In case it is not too obvious, JFC means Chef Jehrad's Fried Chicken. His fried boneless chicken comes with mashed potato, coleslaw and lots of gravy. The looks of it alone will make you so hungry and you will not regret feasting on it as it is a delectable treat.

Glazed Bangus with Ensaladang Manga (P390)

Kalamansi Pie

Even if it is in the middle of the main courses, I could not ignore the Kalamansi Pie. I can't save it for later because it looks good and tastes even better. Tip: Be sure to request more whipped cream as that will add even more flavor to this wonderful pie.

Lamb Shank Caldereta (P590)

I love lamb and I have to say the Lamb Shank Caldereta of Moonshine is simply tender. It can easily be mistaken for another type of meat for those who are not used to eating lamb though. Just like other meat dishes, this is best eaten with a cup of rice.

They have a new pizza which is not on their menu yet. It is full of tinapa, cheese and tomatoes. I am not a fan of tinapa so I ended up removing them and it was still oh so good. I can't wait to try their other pizza choices when I come back.

Truffle Mac n Cheese (P350)

My favorite dish of the night was by far the Truffle Mac n Cheese. It is made up of 5 cheeses, truffle essence and arugula. Be sure to not ignore the arugula in this one as it is like the missing ingredient in a truffle mac n cheese.

Moonshine Pub
Sapphire Bloc, Ortigas

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