Brozoned at Shawarma Bros UP Town Center

If it is one thing I hate, it is getting brozoned by some hot chick. It is a good thing that is not the case because when I said brozoned I mean hanging out at Shawarma Bros which has a new branch in the new wing of UP Town Center and guess what? The entire BROtherhood could not be any more happier. They have some new dishes too to satisfy even the average bro.

Keema Nachos (P159)

A different way of experiencing the Keema of Shawarma Bros as it is poured over irresistible crunchy corn chips along with grated cheese, diced tomatoes and onions. The best part is that it is sprinkled with two sauces of your choice. It is the perfect meal for those who have a bible study session since our BROtherhood has one common religion - heBRO. PUN ALERT!

Pita Tostadas with Garlic Hummus (P80)

The Pita Tosadas with Garlic Hummus are pitas toasted in Panini presses for that grilled shawarma wrap and it made it an instant crowd favorite. Whenever you are with your bros riding a Toyota CoBROlla (PUN ALERT!) while wearing your BROlex (PUN ALERT!), this is the perfect snack for it.

Lamb Burrito Bro (P219)

I love burritos and lamb so I ordered the Lamb Burrito. I kept on putting the Cheese sauce and it ended up messing up my mouth in more ways than one. I absolutely loved it and there is no doubt I am coming back for this one. Their iced tea is a keeper too as it is a very good brewed iced tea that is bound to be memorable.

Their menu is something that is always noticeable when you go to the counter to order. Do you know what their menu is called???? A liBRO! PUN ALERT!

Shawarma Bros
UP Town Center, Quezon City

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