Breaking Out of the Clown House

Nervous and Excited

That was what we were feeling when we were waiting for our turn to get locked inside the clown house of Breakout Manila. It was just a normal Saturday afternoon when me and four other members of the sexiest blogger group on the planet decided to get ourselves locked inside the most talked about room of Breakout Katipunan

I have always wanted to try Breakout Manila ever since I heard of it since the concept is a darn good one. Getting locked inside a room with a group of friends and trying to get out of it by solving puzzles does sound cool eh? When you solve it, you will get pictured into the wall of fame. If not then you will get #trappedforever (Insert hugot line here). 

Before entering the room, we were oriented to a set of rules. What's a game without a set of rules right? We were given a locker for us to deposit all our belongings and I was given the key to the locker. Believe it or not, I actually thought that this key might be helpful during the game as I tried using it. Unfortunately, the attempt backfired on me just like all of my ideas did. Remember in horror movies when the characters are getting hunted down by a killer and all of their phones have no signal so they can't contact anybody? The same thing will happen here but the difference is you don't have any phones to use. What a stroke of genius! Also, when there is something that says "Off Limits" then it is not part of the game. That is understandable because the air con won't exactly help you get out of the room.

me, Cohen, Shiela, Bea, Tin

In every horror movie, you have a host of characters that are so different from one another that it is easy to tell them apart. That is definitely the case with our group. You have the leader who barked commands and all of us believed her since she is the most experienced in the group. You have the hot chick who always seems to distract all of us (okay maybe just me). You have the serious nerd who is always anxious of the time left in the game because according to her failure is simply not an option. You have the love conscious goody two shoes who won't admit that her love life would end up distracting her from escaping the Clown House. Last and definitely not the least, you have the jerk who is so confident that he is one step ahead of everyone when he finds a clue only to find out that it is a false alarm and everyone is back to zero again. I'm not going to say who the characters are even though the last one is obvious (it is me!).

When we got locked inside the Clown House, a masked clown with an axe jumped out of nowhere and started chasing us. He ended up cornering us and taking his mask off and revealing that he was none other than....

 Lima's driver. 

Okay so that did not really happen. I'm not going to spoil anything that happened in the game but I will say that it pushed us to our limit. 

The Katipunan branch also has two other rooms in the Detention and Walking Dead. I honestly can't wait to try the other two. They have two other branches at Serendra, BGC and Paragon Plaza Building. For more information including age limit and prices, visit their official website here.

Breakout Manila
315 Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City

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