Terrific Tapas at Asombroso

With the Yard at Xavierville food park getting so crowded especially on weekends, you may make a mistake overlooking Asombroso Tapas Bar. Owner Rachelle told us that she does not mind the others getting the attention. She lets her delicious tapas do all the talking. I thought to myself that is such a confident answer from such a humble lady.

 Clams and Mussels in White Wine Sauce (P150)

The best part about the Clams and Mussels in White Wine Sauce is the fact that it is showered with bits of ham. I recommend it to those who are fans of clams and mussels since it is something that is a hassle to eat as you have to use hands. It is very flavorful though so it is not the usual clams and mussels you are used to. It was made even better.

Pulpo Ala Gallega (P160)

This lovely appetizer is loaded with potatoes and octopuses. I am a potato lover so it was not hard for me to be pleased with this dish. There is also an option to sprinkle lemon into it and that will take you to cloud 9 especially if you drink it with a glass of wine.

Paella Balls (P180)

I loved these Paella Balls and I actually never saw rice in fried balls before so this was relatively something new for me. Their sauce for the Paella Balls is a must try too as I almost made the mistake of not dipping the Paella Balls onto the sauce.

The Tapas at Asombroso are great for those who are on a sort of diet. Their food is light and they are healthy when combined with wine. I will definitely come back to try their other tapas.

Asombroso Tapas Bar
The Yard at Xavierville

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