Sapphire Bloc Food Revolution Part 5 - The Stockpile

When I heard that one of my favorite chefs in the country, Tanya Chua has a new restaurant, it was good news to my ears. I got ecstatic when I heard it was going to be the 5th stop in the Sapphire Bloc Food Revolution. By this time, I was so full already but that did not stop me from attempting to sample the Stockpile's best sellers. Just as I expected, they have comfort food at its finest.

Crispy Pig's Ears

Salted Egg Baby Squid

Since Stockpile becomes a drinking place at night, they have some nice bar chow including the Salted Egg Baby Squid and the Crispy Pig's Ears. Both were crunchy at every bite and I recommend ordering them when you are feeling tipsy after a few shots.

Truffle Four Cheese Pasta

My favorite dish is by far the Truffle Four Cheese Pasta. When there is Truffle Four Cheese, you know I am there. Even if I was so full already that night after trying out four restaurants prior to Stockpile, I was still eating this dish. That shows you two things. One, I love Truffle Four Cheese and two, I got addicted to this dish from the start.

Truffled Beer Braised Grilled Cheese Dip

I definitely felt the beer in this Grilled Cheese. It is even twice as good when it is dipped into the gravy. I love Grilled Cheese sandwiches and this immediately goes into my top 5.

Artichoke & Mushroom Pizza

It is no secret I love mushroom and with the abundance of it along with artichoke on this pizza, it became a dish made in heaven for me. When Chef Tanya conceptualized the menu for Stockpile, she just imagined what she wanted to eat and I guess we felt the same way because I would definitely order every item in the menu at Stockpile with the Artichoke & Mushroom Pizza being the first.

Cabanatuan Longganisa Paella

This Paella is so flavorful that I did not feel the need to sprinkle more longganisa into it. I remember how I used to recommend Chef Tanya's Sunshine Kitchen to anybody who would ask me where is a good place to it. Now, I will do the same to Stockpile and one of the reasons is the Cabanatuan Longganisa Paella. What a treat!

6 Hour Slow Roast Porchetta

They sure saved the best for last as the 6 Hour Slow Roast Porchetta - their signature dish came with some needed vegetables. We must be reminded that the comfort food they serve here is not exactly for those who are health conscious. This is a reminder that true comfort food is the one that satisfies our belly and not our soul. 

I won't hesitate to come back to Stockpile and bring the entire gang if ever I had one. I will definitely try their array of classic cocktails, craft beers on tap and New World wines. 

The Stockpile
Sapphire Bloc, Ortigas

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