Happy 3rd Anniversary, Team Aldous!

Last Saturday, the sexiest blogger group on the planet Team Aldous celebrated its third anniversary with a bang. The event was a big celebration with delicious food, unlimited drinks, incredible performances and a celebrity host at a rooftop party. Three years ago, if you told me I would be holding something like this then I would have told you that you were crazy. But fast forward three years later and we celebrate a wild journey in building a group that I am looking forward to being with every single event. It ended up being one of the best events I have ever made despite the heavy rains.

With the absence of rice, we still had some carbs in the form of create your own pasta. I loved the pasta choices and for those who don't know, the brains behind The Royal Caterer is none other than Chef Boy Logro. That's right! Mr. Yum-yum-yum-ping-ping-ping is the man in the kitchen so you can expect nothing but good quality food from them.

The Pork Kebab is a favorite that is always served in Royal Caterer events. Now that Christmas is around the corner, their food is a must for all company Christmas parties. Your company won't have an unforgettable party without good food and they will take good care of that so call them now.

Fried Lumpia

Sausage with Onion Rings

Maja Blanca

It was a good thing the Royal Caterer decided to bring out its Maja Blanca as it is something I always see in the 7 Flavors buffet spread. Every time I eat there, I never fail to get a couple and it is best when mixed with ice cream or buko pandan.

Maraschino Bakeshop delivered with their Chocolate Cheesecake and Red Velvet Cheesecake. Everyone enjoyed their sweet endings to this party. What a wonderful treat! Some of the bloggers even took home some in order to have their family taste it because it was that good. I definitely had a smile on my face when Team Aldous' Anxious Auntie Jel arrived with the cakes. I knew we were going to be headed to a happy ending and I was right. Who would not be happy with cheesecakes right?

Fantasy Kiosk provided a nice photo booth with a waterproof frame when it gets printed. There was one time when all 12 of us were able to fit in one picture and there is no better feeling than having all your friends in one photo as it will serve as remembrance of this memorable event in the future. It also showed how close we were as a unit.

Chichay Balagtas and AM^2 both performed and they were equally impressive. The best part has got to be Chichay's version of "Secret Love Song". She is definitely in a different level in terms of singing and she is still very young. There is no doubt she has a bright future ahead if she continues to pursue her singing career.

DJ Toni Tubero hosted tonight's event and I must say he did a pretty good job. I recommend him to anybody out there looking for a host for any event. His best lines were "Maglalaro naman tayo ng game...alam nyo ba un Pak Ganern?" and "Salamat sa Team Aldous Bloggers kasi kung hindi dahil sa inyo wala tayong audience ngayon".

I actually rewrote Parokya ni Edgar's The Yes Yes Show and me and Manfred sang our own version. It became a laughing stock to say the least as I ended up showing everyone that it is not really a good idea to drink before rapping. I loved my third verse though.

Tsong naman pls lang wag ka ng mayabang
Alam mo naman na ang tagal mo magblog
Ilan na ba ang nagawa ko follow up bago ka magblog 

Manfred may be heading towards a rapping career instead of law as he killed this verse:

Eh bat ibang bloggers naman kahit di sila nag vlog
Ang ginagawa nilang blog ay sobra kung sumikat
Tulad ko at ni Roch at ni Jen at si Coco
Na wala nga yatang mas-sisikat pa kahit na sino

I still loved the ending I made for the song though sang by AM^2:

Alam naman natin lahat na mahal nating ang isa't isa
Walang iwanan sa sexy squad
Sa grupong Team Aldous

The night would not have been a wild one without some vodka shots from Wild Cocktails. They had some fine drinks for everyone whether they preferred alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. As you can see, me, Jen, Issa and Jenny all drank at the same time and we all had different reactions after it.

When the night was over, I closed the event with a speech. I told the group that we went through a lot and I mean a LOT. We have been to restaurants, waxing salons, cooking classes, food parks, beach trips, team buildings and even quiz nights. I promised them the best is yet to come and this is definitely just the beginning. I would not have done any of this with another group of bloggers. Long live the sexiest blogger group on the planet!

One Big Round of Applause to all the Sponsors:

The Royal Caterer
Instagram @theroyalcaterer.ph
Instagram @fantasykiosk

Thanks to Berk's Studio Photography and Videography for all the pictures
Instagram @berksphotoandvideo
(02) 662-0137

Orange Lights and Sounds

Wild Cocktails

Maraschino Bakeshop
Instagram @maraschinobakeshop

Bethany Dream Cakes
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